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Ten Questions To Ask That SEO Company

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Ten Questions To Ask That SEO Company

So you are ready for a debut into the world of digital, through the use of SEO?  Hold it for just a second. Before you decide to start shopping for an SEO company to hire, our team of Birmingham SEO at All seo service have compiled a few imperative things to note.

  1. A Client List

This allows you to evaluate, gauge, and analyse their past achievements with clients. Although it might not provide clear analytics, you can at least see for yourself whether they are true to their word. A skilled company should have no problems with this.

  1. Is There a Strong Adherence Culture?

SEO specialists who truly know their job understand that Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have a public post on webmaster best practices. They outline the do’s and don’t’s of the SEO universe, and it is of utmost importance that you are fully assured that this company will follow them to the letter. If they don’t follow the stipulated rules, your website could have incredibly low rankings or be banned.

  1. Will your Website Attain a Number One Ranking?

If they tell you yes with confidence, please backpedal and flee. No SEO agency or consultant can assure you of a top spot. Only Google, Bing, or Yahoo can make guarantees. Anyone else is a scam.

  1. Will all Site Changes Be Known Unto You?

Whenever SEO comes into the picture, it’s very unlikely that your website would remain the same. Your existing web coding and HTML codes might be modified or transformed. Adjustments might also be needed on web pages, so if you would prefer to be kept abreast of all these, it might be better to let the SEO agency know in time. Would there be new redesigns? More content showcasing products and service options? Remember you don’t want to be left out of the loop for too long.

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  1. What Metrics are Used To Gauge Success?

To understand your level of success in the SEO universe, you must continuously keep tabs on web traffic. How high or low is it? Where is it coming from? A skilled SEO agency should have a perfect understanding of pertinent things like Google Analytics and Google webmaster. These tools are instrumental in accessing the SEO performance of your site. They would enable you to understand what kind of keywords brought visitors to your site, the number of links that brought visitors etc. These are critical elements that must be reported to you on a schedule. Be sure to ask how often they plan to relay this information to you.

  1. Can They Improve Local Search Results?

If your business is a small one, this cannot be overemphasised. People want to get services closer to them, and your SEO should be able to wield this advantage for you so that you are one step ahead of bigger businesses. Whatever agency you hire must have agents who cater exclusively to clients interested in a local reach. They should be able to get your site listed on online directories of local listings existent in Bing, Yahoo and Google.

  1. How Do They Intend To Improve Your Rankings?

Now, this part is pertinent because it allows you to judge their level of transparency. Avoid agencies who act all clandestine about their plans. It is your site, your business, and you are paying for it. They should be willing to discuss their plans, strategies, and techniques with you. How would they push up your rankings on search engines? How long would it take them to achieve? (it must be a realistic timeframe by the way). Analyse their proposal over and over again. Will they be weeding out the current problems in your site that would be detrimental to its success? Would they provide on-page and off-page optimisation? Improvement on things like internal linking structure, HTML tags, and content awareness via social media and blogs?

  1. What Happens At The End of Your Contract?

Before signing any contract, take extra care. Make sure it is stipulated there in stone that at the end of your contract, you should remain the undisputed owner of all optimised content you paid for. When you go your separate ways, you have to be sure they won’t withdraw or change all that has been modified or optimised. This is very, very pivotal. If for any reason you decide to terminate your contract before the expiration date, then you should understand beforehand whether or not this would cause you extra charges.

  1. How Often Would They Communicate?

Communication methods are now versatile and diverse, thanks to technology. Since you are an entrepreneur, you might not have the time for face to face meetings. So would you get a monthly email? A weekly zoom meeting?Biweekly phone calls or Skype meetings? Whatever works for you should work for them as well. There should be an agreed timeframe for discussions about updates.

  1. Fees and Payment Terms

When you are completely satisfied with all the above questions, and you have made up your mind to hire them, then you can discuss how much you would pay for all their services. Would the agency be paid hourly or per project? Project payments are the most commonly used forms of payment in the SEO industry. They vary depending on the scope of the project. SEO agencies that are hired by small businesses have lesser charges. It would be best if you made a research on the market price for best SEO services, so you don’t get cheated. For instance, some of the most common hourly rates are between $100-250. Most contract project payments range in between $2500-11500.


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