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Reason Behind The Rising Dental Problems And Its Treatments

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India is seeing an increase in the number of dental problems faced by people. From children to people in their 30s and 40s to senior citizens, they are somehow affected. 

Being unable to do proper dental care is also seeing them finding it tough to meet new people, smile confidently and even eat properly. 

Dental care is something that is required because if you lose a tooth, then you may not get it back naturally. 

India is also seeing a large number of people opting for rootcanal treatments. 

On that note, it would be good to check out the reason behind the growth of dental care concerns in India. Read on!

The rising issues of dental care concerns in India 

You would be surprised to know that India is considered the capital for oral cancers. Yes, India has registered millions of cases of dental problems. 

The most common of them include tooth pain, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and mouth cancer and more. 

A large number of people are also opting for rootcanal treatments. 

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare puts the total number of people affected with dental care issues at 60%. 

A large 85% of the population suffers from the periodontal disorder. 

Now, more than 70% of school going childrens are also facing some sort of dental care issues or the other. 

Around 90% of the adults in India are also reported to developing periodontal disease. 

The cases of dental care hazards in rural areas of India are worst. 

In villages, people are said to have been exposed to many dental problems.   

Who are the culprits of dental problems?

In India, a large number of reasons could be behind the rise of dental diseases. One of the key reasons is not brushing the teeth properly. 

When a child does not brush the teeth properly, it already sets the platform for the onset of more problems later. 

Another reason is that people don’t visit the dentist out of embarrassment. When someone has bad breath, he/she loses the confidence to talk to people or meeting new ones. 

Their level of confidence is low as they fear that the bad breath will put them down. 

The next reason is that despite having some dental issues; people don’t go for dental care solutions. They visit the dentists when the issue becomes grave, and by that time, it is too late. 

It is because a lot of people see dentists only during an emergency, the cases of rootcanal treatment are rising. It is because in many cases, the dentist has no option but to suggest rootcanal treatment. 

Children also keep enjoying too many candies, and adults are exposed to foods rich in sugar and acids. These conditions also attribute to the rising cases of dental hazards in India. 

In rural India, the scene is grave. 

Here, the lack of awareness, shortage of dentists, bad dental infrastructure leads to a spike in dental problems. In that case, people don’t have other options but to rely on sub-standard dental care treatments.  

If you look at the dental domain in India, the country is in dire needs of dental care awareness to keep out rising dental diseases. 

What are the common dental issues faced in India?

  • Bad breath. 
  • Yellow teeth. 
  • Periodontal disease. 
  • Tooth decay. 
  • Enamel issues. 
  • Oral cancers. 

What are the possible treatment options for dental problems in India?

The first thing is that a child should be educated about following good dental care from the beginning. 

They should brush their teeth twice daily, eat a nutrition-rich diet, and go for teeth screening. 

They should also not ignore dental issues and keep parents well informed. 

Adults should also minimize having soda, acidic and sugar-based foods. They should also make frequent visits to dentists other than brushing, flossing and mouth washing.

Here’s how you can avoid dental treatments pinching your pockets 

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