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Summer Workout Plans – 5 Best Exercises

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Summers could be quite challenging in terms of health and fitness mainly because of the warm temperature and extreme conditions. Moreover, with the summers approaching, it is time for the holiday season. At the same time the desire to look trimmed and fit in summers is paramount as everyone want to hit the beach in their swim suits and bikinis.

And for all these you need to get in shape by losing weight and for it you need some workout plan to get ready for the summers. Summer workout have their own challenges.

The best dietitian in India, says that it is very important to avoid crash dieting and extreme dieting in summers. She says that nothing is permanent and fruitful that is achieved in a hurry. The faster you try to lose weight, the faster the chances are there that you will get them back. She shares some of the best ways to get in shape this summer and most importantly – the most effective and healthy way.

Here are some of the best exercise during summers to get in shape:

Push Ups – Side to Side

Push-ups are not new to us, and this one is just with a small twist with a sideways variation. You do the same old push-ups but do it sideways one side after another.

  • Climb the Mountain

Face the floor as if you are climbing a mountain and keep doing it on the floor as you would while climbing a mountain. You will burn and only burn – calories.

  • Pull it the Superman way

Lie on your stomach on the ground and take a flight position as if you are a superman and flying as he does. It will make your back strong and remember that a string back not only feels and looks good, but also is the foundation of a stronger body.

  • Sideway Lunges

Lunges have always been a great form of exercise to involve more muscles and burn calories fast and easy. Side lunges are very effective when your prone target are your calves, abductors, adductors, glutes and hamstrings and thereby the core.

  • Squat Jumps

Best for your legs. Squat jumps involves cardio and as well your legs. Make your legs look in perfect shape and sexy, just right for those bikinis that you bought for the beach.

If you are not much of a gym enthusiast, but still love to exercise and stay physically active, here are some regular, yet effective and top calorie burning exercises that help you lose weight in summers:

  1. Cycling: Cycling in the sun could be great thrill. With the sun shining bright and hot on the head and the breeze swiping pass your face and hairs provides a great middle ground. It is a great exercise for the legs and calf muscles and the best part – you won’t even notice that you are exercising.
  2. Swimming: We all love to swim in summers. There couldn’t be nothing better than diving in cool and clear water in summers. Do small stints and see the benefits it does to your body.
  3. Hiking: If you are really serious about burning those extra calories stored, put in your hiking shoes and get going. You won’t even realise that you are exercising. A great piece of exercise to burn calories.
  4. Running or Jogging: While this is something that you will for sure enjoy in all weathers, but it is more fun in summers in the local park enjoying the nature with your favourite music plugged into your ears.
  5. Tennis: An ideal summer sport needs a little bit of more effort to get results. A great form of sporting exercise to build stronger and toned legs and arms and burn a whole lot of calories.
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