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Step By Step Guide On How To Loosen Car Seat Straps

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Dealing with a car seat at the time of your first baby can be a little difficult. All babies are not the same. So, the general settings in the infant or convertible or even booster car seats may need adjustments for your baby. All of the car seats come with an instruction manual. But we all know that sometimes it becomes a little difficult to understand them. To take you out of this situation, here I have made a full step by step guide on how to loosen car seat strap.

Firstly, understand where the car seat straps need slack. Is it that they are too tight for the shoulder height of your baby or do they need to loosen from the sides for your baby? Once you find that out follow the instructions I have given below. I’ve separated the steps for losing straps and for adjusting the height. If you want to adjust both the height and slack then you can do that one by one.

For Losing the Straps

If the straps from the front are too tight for your baby and he doesn’t feel comfortable, you need some loosening. The process is very simple and is almost the same in all infant car seats or booster car seats no matter what brand it belongs to. Just follow these two steps and you are good to go

1. Find the Buckle

The buckle is the main thing that is not visible most of the time. To find the leather buckle or button, remove the outer covering or padding of the car seat. It can be done easily by pulling it up from below. Once the cover is removed, you can see a leather button in the middle of the lower surface of the car seat. Now you can adjust the slack easily. Put the cover back after loosening.

2. Push and Adjust

As you’ve found the button or buckle already, push it to adjust the strap. You can also see the strap hanging from the lower part of the button. This strap is the outgoing part of the side straps and is made to adjust the tightness. All you have to do is push the button to the front this will release or set the straps free for adjusting. Then, grab both the side straps from the front of the car seat and pull them out. It will loosen your car seat straps. To tight them push the same button and pull the strap hanging from the back of the button backward.

For Adjusting the Height

As your child grows, the shoulder strap may get a little tight. For adjusting the strap height of a convertible car seat according to the height of your child, here is what you have to do.

1. Flip the Car Seat

The first step for this is to flip the car seat to the back. You can now see a hook with both the straps attached. You just have to take them out and bring them up. You must also have seen different slots made in the back area of the seat. These are meant for changing the height.

2. Separate the Straps from the Hook

After finding the hook, separate the straps from the hook. Now take them up. Now you can see a lot of slots above and below. One of them is where the two straps have been put. Put them right back in the slots so you can take them out from the front.

3. Flip the Seat to the Front

Flip the seat again to the front. You can now see the two straps you have put back from the slots to the front. You can also see some slots.

4. Adjust and put back

If you want to loosen it then put the straps in the slots above the previous ones. But If you want to make it tight put it in the below ones. Flip the car seat to the back and pull out the two straps from the adjusted slots. Finally, put the two straps back in the hook and you are good to go.

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