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September 24, 2021

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Statistics: A Tool To Ease the Life of Humans

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Statistics has become an integral part of one’s daily routine. It can be easily said that without statistics life would have been incomplete. Let it be a prediction of when the rain will come or telling the previous record of the batsman by observing his stats of previous matches, all this cannot be possible without this ten-letter word. Statistics not only consists of taking out a mean of the numbers or by calculating the median of the numbers or by just using the mode formula, but statistics are much more than one can think of.


Statistics revolves around manipulating the data and analyzing, putting together all the data in an organized way. The two basic ideas behind the field of statistics can be that it is based on uncertainty and it is variation. Statistics is quite an interdisciplinary field, studies in statistics reveal the use of statistics in all virtually clinical fields. In growing techniques and analyzing the idea that underlies the techniques, statisticians draw on quite a few mathematical and computational tools.

There are three ways of finding the statistics:





1.First of all, let’s discuss what it means.

Mean in the simpler and basic way can be termed as the average of the set of data which is provided. That means can be found out by the addition of all the data and then dividing the data sum by the total number of observations.

and then dividing the sum of all data by the total number of observations. This is what one does for taking out an average of the numbers.

Meaning can be useful in many ways to humankind.

For example: To take out the average age of a football team participating in the world cup or any other tournament. Adding all the ages and then dividing them by the total number of players of the team will make things quite simple in keeping the track of average age.

Thus, this is the function of the mean.



Median is the middle number when the data is sorted in an ascending or descending order. Let’s assume that there are seven raw data available to a person, so to take out the median he first needs to arrange the data in the ascending or descending order that is either from small to big or big to small and then takes the middle number of the data. This is median.

Things are a little complicated when the given data is an even one that is the total number of given observations are even, so one needs to find out two middle numbers then sum it up and then divide it by two this will help to find out the median of data when observation is even.


For example: If there are five people of different ages that is 23,27,29,32,35 the data is already arranged in ascending order so to find out the median one can directly take the middle number as there are an odd number of observations. So the median in the given data is 29.



It can be defined as the number that is occurring at the highest time in a given sorted data. To be simple, The value which has the highest frequency in the given set of values.


For example: In the given set of data of 5,9,11,11,17 the mode is 11 because it appears in the set twice.

The perimeter of change in all the three terms that are arithmetic mean, median, and mode is that Mean helps in finding out the average of the given data. Whereas Median is the center value of the set of data already provided when the observation is arranged in ascending order. And at last, the mode is the value that has been occurring the highest number of times in the set of data provided.


There’s a formula to give the relation among all the three types that are



To get more information about mean, median, and mode one need to type Cuemath in the google search engine this website will help in clearing all the concepts of mathematics, be it easy or tough.

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