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Easy Ways to Speeding up a Slow Mobile Data Connection

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slow mobile internet

Dealing with a lagging cellular data connection? It’s frustrating especially when you are following a location via Google Maps. Or, when you have typed a hilarious comment or a long rant on social media and the mobile data goes suddenly slow. When the service is not up to the mark and fails to meet your expectations, it sure is a pain in the neck!

Also, people with marketing jobs where they have to hit the road all the time, the slow data connection can be a major problem. Of course, we don’t expect the speed provided by Charter internet. But we also don’t expect uninvited and unexpected lags whilst we are in the middle of something important.

Here is the good news. Most of the time, a slow mobile data connection is temporary. Some of the main reasons are network congestion and location problems. Before you spend half an hour discussing your slow mobile data concerns with their customer support rep, try the following hacks to fix your sluggish cellular data concerns.

Restart Your Cellphone

Sounds like a clichéd fix? Yes, it is! But as long as it works, we don’t mind trying it. Restarting your phone should be able to fix your slow connection instantly, especially when you haven’t restarted it in a while.

And this goes for any smartphone from iPhones to Android-based phones. This work remains to be effective for all the phones in the market.

Disable Low Data/Data Saver Mode

Do you know that both iOS and Android contain modes, which are essentially designed to reduce data usage? If you are thinking about why they are there in the first place, the answer is that they are handy when you have limited data. But they can also make you think that your mobile data is slow. Try disabling these data saver modes and then see if your data connection is faster.

Disable and Update Apps

Sometimes, there are troublesome apps, which are hogging your data unnoticed. They keep running in the background and can slow down your data connection noticeably. If that’s the case, you will have to do some digging to figure it out. For instance, you can change the settings of your YouTube app to Wi-Fi only. You can turn off the auto-play option of videos on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t use any app that’s guilty of eating your data, uninstall it. You can also disable apps’ access to mobile data.

Also, keep your apps updated when you are home and using Wi-Fi. You don’t want an automatic update attempt on your mobile data because it will probably consume all your data plan.

Try Changing Location

Slow LTE can be a consequence of several factors. This includes changes in weather, solar activity, and network congestion to name a few. But the chief factors are buildings and geography. If you are in a remote area, your signal strength can be affected. Similarly, if you have many natural barriers around, such as mountains and valleys, you can face a lag in speed and weak signals. The same is the case with high rises and buildings. If you are wondering about your slow data connection amidst a densely populated urban town full of bars, buildings are to blame.

Try moving to a different location when you think that your speed problems are related to a certain location. If you call technical support for troubleshooting, the first thing they are going to suggest is driving a few miles away from the problem area.

Disconnect From the VPN

VPNs ensure privacy and anonymity. But when they use remote servers, they can essentially slow down the speeds. Therefore, if your phone has a VPN, disconnect from it whilst using mobile data. This should effectively improve the speeds. Chances are you will witness an immediate improvement in the speeds as soon as your VPN is disconnected.

Check for Any Network Outages

Mobile carriers make lofty claims about to tout their unrivaled reliability. But let’s face it; outages happen all the time. They lead to reduced speeds and even lost connections. So, if you have tried all the aforementioned hacks and still experiencing lagging speeds, it’s best to get in touch with your carrier and check for outages.

Reset the Phone’s Network Settings

Yes, resetting your phone can instantly fix a slow connection. But it also resets the Wi-Fi access points as well as Bluetooth devices. But it is fairly simple to reconnect with your saved Wi-Fi networks. You can re-pair with your Bluetooth devices later. The process is as simple as Spectrum bill pay online.

Take advantage of these effective hacks and have your data connection up and running!

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