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Social Media Hashtags Campaigns – 10 of the very best!

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Social Media Hashtag

Marking its way to mobile keypads to social media campaigns these HashTags will create awareness, visibility and rank your content at the top.

The existence of these tiny little icons has sort of benefit and support engine for brands like for example Coca Cola and Calvin Klein. According to thesis writing service, they mostly used Hashtag to promote #thesis writing help so that students who are in need can avail the opportunity.

With the help of these icons you can play fair with customer, create larger audience reach your brand and stand out your content to others.

With so much content on social media, every person in their own field want their audience fully coverage their content. Whether they are pictures from Facebook, or stories or video on Instagram brands mission is to reach out to their potential customers.

Table of Contents

What is Hashtag meant for?.

#10 of the best social media Hashtag campaigns
#What is in your bag by RYU
#Metoo movement by Tarana Burke
#Oreo horror stories by Oreo
#Beyondfivestars Campaigns by Uber
#ShareYourEars by Disney and make a wish
#Do Us A Favour campaign by Lays
#Don’t Kill Sean Bean by TNT
#like a girl campaign by Always
#WTFF by burger King

What is Hashtag meant for?

Basically, hashtag can be used in many ways, to build awareness, to criticised people, to create a buzz for the audience. Most importantly, it meant to increase visibility on contents, make it easier for your audience to find your content and indulge them in running a contents or giveaways.

Some of the highest Hashtags of all times are listed below, come and have a look at them. How brands and people tweets Hashtags and how it becomes a sensation?

10 of the best social media Hashtag campaigns

·       #What is in your bag by RYU

Mostly marketing campaigns that has a touch of giveaways and competitions or Question& Answers sections tend to be highly engaging. RYU has done exactly like that, by adding #Hashtag and caption what is in your bag. This campaign becomes so famous that it becomes a challenge to see what celebrities and influencers carry in their bag.  

This campaign was the speedy way to increase follower’s numbers to 20,000 above. That been said with just this #Hashtag the trend of Instagram stories roar into the social platforms.

·       #Metoo movement by Tarana Burke

When people want to voice their thoughts into a positive or awareness content they took a helping hand of social media. Just like that, a frustration converted into a campaign was first started by Tarana Burke. She a social activist put to all the women out there who face difficulties in workplace environment, sexually assault and harassed.

This campaign become very famous that Meeshashafi a Pakistani celebrity with the help of the # spread awareness #Me too movement. I said that, how entertainment industry is not safe for girls who want to showcase their talent and skills in acting and singing.

She also claimed to be a victim of such acts and put the blame on famous singer Ali Zafar. The top dissertation writing services has also stand with Meesha for supporting her stance about how a girl is treated.

·       #Oreo horror stories by Oreo

During the time of Halloween where people, especially kids go door to door ask for candies others create their spooky stories to share with everyone. Oreo took that opportunity to popularise a campaign named #Oreo Horror stories. The company shared different videos, create parodies of many horror movies the main cast was Oreo as a lead.

This campaign became so popular that every other person shared, comment and tweet about it. Hashtag had the important role in promoting these content and created awards winning records that win over their fans.

·       #Beyondfivestars Campaigns by Uber

Uber had created campaigns for their users who have an experience of five stars given to their favourite drivers. Uber grabbed this opportunity and create a campaign which says go for it and comment your personal experience with the drive and spread love. This camoign become famous as many users comment on their drivers experience and put on the Hashtag above it.

·       #ShareYourEars by Disney and make a wish

This campaign was filled with love and awareness and donates it to make a wish foundation. This helped the foundation in gathering donation and engages audience in larger chunks. This heartfelt campaign melts the hearts of every individual.

The campaign made everyone interacts with each other to share a picture with Mickey Mouse ears and put it in twitter accounts. With the help of people sharing pictures and posting it on social media it generate 5$ for donation. The total amount generated with this campaign build 2 million donation.

·       #Do Us A Favour campaign by Lays

Just coming up with new product or extension in your brand why not asksinvolve customers to tell what is right and what is wrong. As customers is the king.

When lays introduced there three new flavours they run a #hashtag campaign to vote for the best flavour and send to our website. This helps them in identifying which is more recommended flavour among their customers. It was benifical for the pre-launched of the new flavours.

·       #Don’t Kill Sean Bean by TNT

Who ever saw the lord of the rings/the games of thrones you may know about Sean Bean.

He appeared in the TNT’s show legend where he died instantly. TNT had made this Hashtag famous #don’t kill Sean Bean just to promote there series. It was a great idea to capture influencers into the series. They touched the heart of loyal fans and fantoms using Hashtag. And also increase lot of engagement on social platforms.

·       #like a girl campaign by Always

Social awareness, create synergy for social cause to empower women is the example of Always. A feminine care product started the Hashtag campaign #LikeAGirl where they changed the meaning of Girl into powerful and strong individual. This campaign showcases awareness of girls, who are not weak, not in control of someone perhaps an independent individual. This kind of campigns set for social corporate relationship with customers and gain plenty of viewership and support among them.

·       #WTFF by burger King

Sometimes Hashtag campaigns can be misinterpreted, just like in the case of Burger King. The company goes for the new launch of newly made Low-fat fries after two years of efforts. But fail the promotion of it in a positive way. It became a viral Hashtag campaign but other way around. The original meaning of this Hashtag was ‘what the French fries’ but turned as ‘what the F***ing F**k. this become an entertainment sensation as many made fun out it.  While targeting Hashtags try to research what is relatable or does not have double meaning to it.

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