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Sliding partitions 5 decorative ideas to separate a room

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You like to feel comfortable at home move from one room to another easily, be able to take a look at cooking dinner without leaving the sofa and enjoy more light without walls to separate the rooms. Only you regret the lack of privacy and suffer noise, kitchen smells, etc. Sometimes it’s the surface that is lacking to create a new room: an office, your future baby’s room. The sliding partition is ideal for separating and opening spaces according to your mood! Full or openwork, glass or wood: you are bound to find what you are looking for!

Our homes are becoming more and more open: the kitchen that opens onto the living room, the bathroom in the bedroom, and our society is more and more individualistic! The sliding partition allows these two contradictory trends to be reconciled: need for light and volume, while leaving space for everyone!

5 very decorative sliding partitions for the home

The removable dividers are increasingly popular for separate spaces smoothly without having to engage in heavy work. Discover our 5 favorites in terms of designer sliding partitions:

1. A perforated partition to hide the TV

Hard, hard, to disconnect from the screens to no longer be tempted to spend your evenings and weekends in front of the TV, hide the post behind a designer interior partition. Your living room suddenly takes another turn!

2. An elegant partition in shutters to hide the bedroom from view

Is your room not separate from the rest of the house? In daily life it does not bother you, but when you receive guests, you are rather uncomfortable … Obliged in disaster to make your bed and put away everything that hangs before your friends arrive for the aperitif. In addition, the view of the conjugal couch bothers you somewhat when you receive step parents for lunch on Sunday.In short, for various reasons, we may need a little more privacy from time to time. The sliding partition is perfect for occasionally closing a room, and with style!

3. A very practical partition to separate a dressing room from the bedroom

Here is a very clever idea if your bedroom has a dressing room or open cupboards. For quality sleep, the last image you see before falling asleep counts! If these are badly arranged shelves, with piles of clothes which threaten to collapse, let us bet that you will not spend a very restful night!The old-fashioned solution when you are not a storage fanatic is to hide the mess! With the sliding partition, in the blink of an eye, the disorder is out of sight. In addition, you can do your fittings in peace. Buy Room Divider Screens

4. The sliding partition to dedicate a corner to your favorite companion

If you have decided to “wean” your furry friend from his long naps on YOUR sofa or if you simply would like to arrange a corner of his own with his basket and his toys, the sliding half-glass partition is perfect for this. ! Your dog can rest without being disturbed and without being completely isolated from you.

5. A sliding partition for more convivial meals

Years have passed … You receive your former college friends at home, but with the children, you fear that you will not be able to speak freely. Never mind, with a sliding partition, everyone can enjoy a good evening: the kids bicker in the living room and the adults remake the world at the table!

The Habitat presto Council: think of the interior fence!
If your budget and the configuration of the room do not allow the installation of a sliding partition, opt for the indoor fencing. It is a separator, most often openwork and very stylish which can be installed practically anywhere: in the entrance, as a staircase or mezzanine railing, if you are renting, we will also recommend the plant partition: easy to install, easy to remove, it brings a lot of life to your interior.

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