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Sisal Carpets – A Brief Outline!

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Agave plants have long spiny leaves, it is one of the species of Agave Sisalana, and natural fiber carpet is extracted from it which helps in making the sisal carpets. Sisal carpet is very much durable and is used in heavy traffic areas and higher-end homes. It is also used for rope, twine, cloth, paper, handicrafts, and wall coverings work for home and others.

Good for Asthmatic Patients –

There are many benefits of placing a sisal carpets at home. Strong and tough fibers have many benefits. It is much healthier than other fibrous materials like jute. As sisal is a natural fiber carpeting material, it is naturally non-toxic and is very much advantageous for people having allergies and asthma. Synthetic materials like nylon usually off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but this is not the case with sisal carpets, on the contrary, they contribute to the quality of air of your home.

Rigid Wearing Sisal Carpets

Sisal carpets are harder wearing than the jute carpets. And Sisal can be best placed in the high movement areas such as the staircase. Other carpets would lose their fiber if placed in the high movement areas, but this is not the case with sisal carpets.

Worm Protector Sisal Carpets

Sisal carpets usually come dyed but apart from that, there are sisal carpets which have additional chemicals also applied to them such as worm protector and fire retardants. So, now you can freely use the sisal carpets and also not worry about the worms or insects sitting or hiding on it. Sisal carpets have one demerit that is that it is not resistant to moisture. So, it is recommended that you do not place the sisal in the areas near the bathroom or kitchen or places which are wet. It is also advisable that you do not use the sisal carpets outdoor.

Blemishes on the Sisal Carpet

Now blemishes which cannot be managed on other rugs can now be easily managed on the sisal carpets with care and quick action. You can also use one method of cleaning that is the dry method as it responses well. But due to the texture, the stains can be a bit tedious to remove, but sisal carpets naturally stain resistant. In sisal carpet the dirt and the dust will not cling on it, so you can now brush off the excess of the dust/dirt with a brush. It is more easily cleaned compared to the furry carpets.

Available Online & Healthy Carpets –

Sisal carpets are eco-friendly carpets which can be renewed and is also a sustainable material. It lasts up to many years. There are many chemicals found in other rugs and carpets that can pollute the air and cause various health problems. But this is not the case with the sisal carpets they are very eco-friendly carpets. Sisal carpets can also be found online. There is a wide range of sisal carpets available online with various colors, patterns, and designs.

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