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Singapore’s Leading and most Trusted Corporate Gift Suppliers

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Brand My Gifts is one of Singapore’s leading and most trusted corporate gift suppliers. With many years of experience, BMG has provided over 3,000 corporate gifts to many corporate businesses.

BMG is a jack of many trades when it comes to corporate gifts. We are widely known for our promotional products and customised gifts, not only that, we also develop and produce brand new innovative products and merchandise. As long as you can name it, we can produce it! When it comes to special and unique projects, we have our own special projects department that will take good care of all aspects of the whole process. Starting with product proposal to production in our factory in Singapore and China. Our creative and marketing team are always keeping up with all the innovative corporate gifts in the market. By doing this, we will always supply our clients with original idea concepts that will cater to fit their marketing goals and needs.

We have partners and clients from all over the world and provide customised gifts ranging from apparel to leather premiums. What sets us apart from other corporate gifts companies is our ability to provide good quality customised gifts and premium goods with excellent customization based on our clients’ needs. What makes us a driving force is our dedication to our potential clients and our professional sales team. Positivity and enthusiasm is at the core of our company and as a client, you will feel this when you get in contact with our friendly gift consultants!

Any corporate gifts with your company logo imprinted will always have a high perceive value. There will never be the best corporate gift, as it heavily depends on your target audience and the image your company wants to portray to the public. If you need help with choosing the most suitable customised gift for your clients or employees, we definitely can help you with that! With our experience and expertise, we will be able to providethe most valuable advice.

However, the most popular corporate gifts did not change over the years. The most popular category is still apparel, followed by stationary items,electronic gadgets, bags and drinkware. Not forgetting our selection eco friendly gifts, they have been sourced and manufactured from recycled and sustainable materials, so that you can be confident that these environmentally friendly products will have minimal impact on the environment. As they environmentally and sustainable gifts, it will portray a very thoughtful and ethical image for the company. Most importantly, we can brand on almost allour products. The possible customisation techniques for each item will be advised by our professional sales team.

Our leadership in the corporate gifts industry has been recognized by some of the biggest and most esteemed companies in Singapore. BMG promises to continue to strive for better product innovation and service excellence for all our valued clients.Customer service excellenceis our top priority at Brand My Gifts.

Choosing the right corporate gift is not easy, but that’s okay! We will always be here to assist you along the way! Making sure you get the best valued out of it, and having a hassle-free ordering process is always the concern. Give us a try, and we will show you how it is perfectly done! Your order and special projects will always be cared for by our professional sales and procurement team whom will ensure every detail right. Our creative team will ensure that your brand or logo will be placed nicely on the chosen gift. Hence, you can rest assured that everything will be as per requested.

We would be delighted to serve you at any time!

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