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SAT coaching in Jaipur

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SAT coaching in Jaipur

SAT exam is highly pursued by the students from all over the world to get into the foreign universities for their higher studies. There are a number of SAT coaching in Jaipur who promise to help you in getting outstanding SAT scores. One of the prominent SAT coaching in Jaipur near you is EduQuest who aims to help SAT exam seekers to get the desired marks.

One must be very wise and careful while choosing their coaching in as a good SAT coaching in Jaipur can help you achieve heights of success. Look for SAT coaching in Jaipur who provide the real credibility, good faculty and excellent studying environment.

In this article, we have tried to provide you as much information as we can about SAT Preparation, SAT near you, SAT Online Classes, SAT Offline Classes.


SCHOLASTIC ASSESSMENT TEST or SAT is given by those who want to pursue their undergraduate courses from foreign universities. In India it is conducted by College board. It checks your ability in the subjects that you want to pursue at higher levels. The subjects are- literature, mathematics, history, sciences and foreign language.

It is a multiple choice based entrance exam which assesses your reading and writing skills. It is conducted in offline mode. The total time duration of the exam is 3 hrs 40 minutes with an optional essay of 50 minutes. The optional essay doesn’t affect your overall SAT score. It is shown separately from total SAT score. SAT scores are accepted by universities of US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Are you eligible for SAT exam?

A lot of students admires to pursue their higher studies from prominent universities outside India. There are not specific eligibility criteria prescribed by College board to appear for SAT exam.

  • there is not age limit to give the exam. Anyone above 16-17 years can appear for the exam
  • SAT exam is conducted by College Board in India.
  • SAT scores are accepted by universities of USA, UK, Australia and Canada.
  • Anyone who admires to do their higher studies from foreign universities can give the SAT exam without the maximum age limit.

SAT exam pattern

SAT question paper is mainly divided into two sections: reading and writing and mathematics.

  • It is a pen-paper exam of 3 hrs 40 minutes with an optional essay of 50 minutes.
  • Reading section comprises of 52 multiple choice based questions
  • Writing section comprises of 44 standard multiple choice based questions
  • Mathematics comprises of 88 questions with calculator and without calculator.
  • One optional essay of 500-600 words.

SAT syllabus

SAT syllabus includes what you have already studied till your high school. It doesn’t include any advance syllabus for any subject.

If your concepts of every subject are clear then you should not face any difficulty in the SAT Preparation.

The syllabus comprises of:

Writing section

  • SAT has three sections in writing
  • Essay section 25 minutes
  • Multiple choice sections of 25 minutes and 10 minutes

Evidence reading section

  • Reading comprehension of 25 minutes
  • Sentence completion of 25 minutes
  • Paragraph length critical reading of 10 minutes

Mathematics section

  • Algebra of 20 minutes
  • Data analysis and reasoning of 20 minutes
  • Advanced maths like trigonometry of 25 minutes


An optional essay of 500-600 words has to be written by analysing the given passages.

SAT Score

  • Total SAT score ranges between 800-1600 with an optional essay of 800 points. The total SAT score is calculated from composite score of cross sections scores and sub scores.
  • Cross section scores include the separate scores of each section that is reading and writing and mathematics. Each of these section is of 800 points. These scores are added with sub scores to find out the total SAT score.
  • Sub score ranges between 10-20. These scores are added to cross section scores to get the final SAT score.
  • Essay doesn’t impact your overall SAT score as it is not included in it. It is shown separately from the composite SAT score.

How much SAT exam costs?

SAT exam has a very high fee as compared to other competitive exams like CAT and GMAT.

General SAT exam fee $101
SAT exam with optional essay $117
Cost for making changes in exam day and centre $49

Does SAT coaching improves your overall SAT score?

We always wonder if taking coaching can improve our overall performance in exam or not. So here’s the few things which will help you to understand better that how good SAT coaching in Jaipur or any other state helps to crack the exam more efficiently.

  • Coaching centres (SAT Online Classes and SAT Offline Classes) provides you good resource material that you can not find our easily on internet.
  • They provide you timely notifications about the changed in exam pattern and syllabus
  • They conduct mock tests and speed tests through which you can check your performance.
  • They makes you to study regular and be consistent towards your studies.
  • Simplified teaching methods helps to understand the complex topics more easily.
  • You can get guidance from experienced teachers who may become your mentor in life.

But all these things are only possible when you are getting into a good sat coaching near you in Jaipur or any other state. Not every coaching centre aims at helping students to achieve good score. So you should be very careful while applying for any coaching. Go through all the reviews about their faculty, study environment, past student’s results. A good coaching can help you to get the desired scores in the SAT exam.

What was the good SAT score in 2019-20 ?

Since due to this pandemic, this year’s SAT exam has been postponed. But you can get an idea of a good SAT score from the average SAT scored of the year 2019-20.

There’s very intense competition among students which had increased the average SAT scores from the last few year. For example: to get into UC Berkeley, you need a SAT score of at least 1490 whereas to get into Princeton University, you need a SAT score as high as 1470.

It is very clear that every university accepts different SAT scores. Top universities usually have a very high SAT score. You should check out the last year’s average SAT scores of the universities.

How can I get a good SAT score in 2021?

To get outstanding SAT score in 2021, you really need to work hard with utmost determination and dedication. Gone are the days, when you could make up to the top universities with less grades. Now, the era has changed and you need to be very smart to get good grades

Following tips will help you to score better in 2021:

Keep every information about the exam

The one thing which we usually neglect is that we don’t care about the upcoming notifications related to exam pattern, syllabus and questions. Keep the knowledge of everything about your exam.

Prepare as early as possible

Don’t wait for the exam dates. Start your SAT preparation as soon as possible so that all your concepts are clear. You will get a chance of double revision before giving the actual exam.

Make a study schedule

Draw out a proper time table so that you do not waste your time on unnecessary stuffs. Be very punctual while following the schedule. Don’t postpone today’s topics for tomorrow. Complete your revision on time.

SAT coaching

Take SAT online classes and SAT offline classes from experienced mentors. They will help you to asses your SAT preparation. Give the mock tests, speed tests to know your weak chapters and concepts. Take proper guidance about the exam from teachers.

Overcome your weak areas

With the help you mock tests, you can find out your weak areas and try to work on them. If you will not work on your weak concepts, then it will ruin your overall SAT score. All your hard work will go into vain. So at first try to make your weak points as your strength.

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