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Roulette Tricks that Help Tricking the Live Dealer Roulette Tables

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Who doesn’t want to win that spin on a roulette table? Like any other casino game, it is all about the adrenaline and joy of playing. And with live dealer roulette, it is very exciting to gamble and win. But it is always a good idea to know the game and have an in-depth knowledge of the roulette tricks that could enhance your chances of winning. Though according to experts, there are some strategies one can use in this game to perform better at the game. So, here are some roulette tricks that boost your chances to walk out with a good amount of cash.

1. Find out for Free Chip or Welcome Bonus Casinos

Hunt for those live casinos that are offering a free chip! There are very few online casinos that allow you to play live dealer roulette with a free bonus. So, use this to play for free and get a chance at winning a good amount with roulette. Usually, all table games in the casino are debarred from the wagering terms and conditions. But some live casinos do offer a percentage that adds towards fulfilling bonus terms and conditions, though that is mostly so low (0.15%) that it isn’t sensible to turn over the bonus. However, some live casinos offer a free chip to beginners and new players when they sign up. You can use this chip at any of the live dealer tables. So, why not use this for your benefit and maybe luck is on your side and win some money.

2. Be Alert and Keep an Eye on the Roulette Table

It is very important to do this. As a player, you should stay alert and take notice of all the past roulette results and make your moves accordingly. For example, if you have been alert, you can judge how the players have been making a move and then make an accurate bet. This is a popular roulette strategy that advanced players use to get a steady win during the play.

3. Do not opt for the American Roulette Version

Always choose to play the European roulette version in a live casino. The American roulette adds the double zero (00) to the wheel and increases the house edge significantly. This means that the house edge in the American version is almost 5.25% against you. But the house edge in the European roulette game is 2.7%, which has a huge effect on your odds of winning at roulette.

4. Place Bets at External Chances

You should always place your bets at external chances like black or red, high or low, even or odd, or even columns or dozens. This trick is crucial in understanding how to play with a successful system. This trick is quite simple to execute, and though your winning margins could be low, if you use this system, you will be a winner eventually.

5. Master One or More Popular Roulette Strategies 

It’s always good to first master one or more strategies that famous players have been using. It might not be easy to do this, but it will surely help you win. Also, remember that there is no assurance that roulette strategies will help you to win for sure. It takes time to master the strategies and tricks, so have patience and don’t expect miracles.

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