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Review on Dry Brittle Hair

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It is very painful and irritating for the affected area, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire head will fall out!

The causes of this condition are not fully understood, but most likely, the brittle hair is the result of the loss of moisture in the hair follicles. The hair follicles, as the name implies, are the structures that are responsible for hair growth. The hair follicles are actually a lot like the rice bran root – they provide a buffer to absorb the moisture that is lost through the day.

When you have hair loss, it could be from several causes including: illness, hormonal fluctuations, poor nutrition, illness, stress, medications, and genetic causes. Regardless of the cause, when there is less moisture in the hair follicles, hair will lose its condition, and when the hair becomes dry, it becomes brittle. Check out best beauty tips in this post.

Bacteria can cause hair loss by destroying the follicles. This results in a lack of moisture in the hair follicles. This bacterial build up leads to the damage of the hair follicles, which eventually leads to the destruction of the hair. Thus, it is important to address the issue of bacteria that is associated with this problem.

One effective way to combat the symptoms of this condition is to use scalp massage. With scalp massage, an unclogged hair follicle is stimulated, giving the bacteria sufficient time to digest the bacteria and make room for more nutrients. This results in the regeneration of more hair, leaving you with a healthy head of hair!

Using certain shampoos and conditioners, it’s possible to prevent the symptoms of dry brittle hair. But, the problem remains, as the hair cannot take the lack of nutrients due to the hair loss. When the follicles are already broken down, the only solution is to use the products that will stimulate the hair follicles. Natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, honey, and Cayenne pepper are good examples of this type of product.

Different scalp massages also have varying effects on different types of hair, and thus you may need to try a variety of various treatments before you find one that works for you. Some treatments may take longer than others to work, but in the end, with consistent treatments, you should notice some noticeable changes in your hair’s appearance. Also, read more about Best Body Lotion For Acne Prone Skin here.

The beauty of head massage is that you can do it on your own, or at home with a friend. In fact, you may want to invite some friends over so that you can work together to create a treatment that suits each of you. But no matter how you perform your treatments, always ensure that you clean up properly after the procedure and ensure that your scalp is completely relaxed.

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