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Restore the Headlight of a Car like Pro

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Nothing can be worse, then the fact that the headlight of your car is showing the sign of wear and tear. Sometimes, the headlights are cloudy or are not that bright as they used to be when they were new. It would be best if you restored these headlights as soon as possible because you will not want to reduce the visibility so you will have a problem to view the road clearly.
There are various reasons which can be responsible for causing the headlight to lose its color and shine. You can restore the shine of your car’s headlight easily by following the tips mentioned below. You can even avail the car wash service at home from GoKleen to make your car clean thoroughly inside out.

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Why Do Car Headlights Turn Cloudy?
You may think why the headlight of the car turns cloudy and foggy or why it loses its shine, which eventually reduces visibility. Some of the most common reasons are:
● When the polycarbonate lens that is used for covering the acrylic headlight is damaged by UV radiation, it results in the tiny cracks in the lens and makes it cloudy.
● If the small debris or stone hit the headlight, it can make a small mark on it, causing light to look cloudy.
● Due to the dirt and pollution to the appearance of your car’s headlight can be damaged by causing the light to grow dim and interfere with the main beam.
● Sometimes condensation can build the moisture inside the headlight cover those results in the foggy appearance of the headlight.

Restoration of Car’s Headlight
You can easily restore the headlight of your car by following the steps mentioned below in this blog:
The things you will need:
✔ Masking tape
✔ Car shampoo
✔ Headlight Restoration Kit that may consist of buffing tool, sealant, paint, sandpaper.
✔ Microfiber towel or chamois leather.

Steps to Follow:
✔ You have to first start the process by washing the headlight of your car by using the car shampoo and then dry them using a microfiber towel. However, remember while washing the headlight, you can cover the surrounding area with masking tape.
✔ You can use the drill sanding paper to do the sanding of the headlight after washing it to remove the oxidation and scratch from it. Remember, the headlight should be wet while you are sending it to prevent any damage.
✔ You can continue the sanding process until the time headlight has a smooth finish.
✔ Now you attach a buffer with the drill and then apply the polish for removing any marks left due to sanding. Make sure to get the best finishing you have to paint in a particular pattern.
✔ At last spray the sealer on the headlight which can help in protecting the finishing and even prevent it from getting oxidized. Now use the dry chamois leather to give the final touch to the headlight.
Extra Tips for Headlight
Restoring the headlight of the car is one thing and preventing the oxidation and discoloration from the headlight is a different thing. You can maintain the appearance of your car’s headlight by following the tips mentioned below:
✔ Never, polish the car’s headlight with the paint that has grit content inside it. You can use the polish that does not have grit inside it and then to give the final touch to the headlight use the clear coat sealant spray.
✔ Make sure that you regularly clean the headlight of your car by using car shampoo as it can remove the layer of dirt and pollution from it.
If you want the experts to clean your car, then you can avail the service of interior car detailing at doorstep from GoKleen. The experts will not only clean your car from inside, but they will also clean it from outside too along with they will restore the headlight of your car too.

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