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Resolution of technology towards legal society

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technology and legal society

Legal socialization is a lifelong process. Through which a common men generates their ideas, opinions and make their minds up, about legal society and legal values. The passage of time could be initiated from traditional and conservative way. Taking from family, educational institutions. the situation could be the mere system of hierarchy in which members of an respective building were ranked according to their relative status or the authority which they takes in. That long-established existing customary system which was directly associated with a particular society, and places the circumstances which brings the change. Though the change was not sudden. The technology was beginning to initiate its ways through legal society. The old, conservative ways soon replaced just after the emergence of technology. The form of technology was mass media, software’s, machines, gadgets and applications. Which all were substituted with family institution and the institution of educational services.

How technology is building legal values in a society

The neo technology which was introduced to the society was creating contrary effects. as this could be taken its natural intrinsic. With all the practices associated with a particular customary framework. The technology here in the society was resent in the very purest form. But its essence was not so influential. Its glorious, well built framework was way more familiar. The acquaintances of technology were similar to both the group of legal heads including judges, magistrates, adjudicators, who expressed the core of the judiciary or more clearly the bench. The staff which was working in behind was also involved. And that was the very staff, which was the very reason to keeps the system running smoothly.

Elaboration of concept of judiciary in the direction of high tech

The judiciary was settled in the society; as the system of courts to interpret and applies the law in the state. The way the system of judiciary along with the law firms, legal society, organizations and associations takes the electronic components and industrial sciences in the direction of modernity in order to bring revolutionary changes throughout the respective society. High tech or legal tech generally at first hand disrupts the original conservative legal market to another form which was surely to be a revolutionary. The purpose of legal tech was the same, to provide the very same legal services. But the procedures and conductions were substituted with Legal Tech. taking in the use of modern technology and well built software to provide legal services with much more easiness. As it is well known the very purpose of technology is easiness, easiness is primary focus of technology.

What was the factor’s which technology bestowed upon legal society

It is the constructive instinct of technology: that it always grants its applications in the form of elements. Application of technology which were given to the legal society and law firms was in the form of practice management software, Digital medium of document storing , billing, accounting and electronic discovery, e-commerce platform of selling their services by current electronic means where the members of legal society including judges, bureau, solicitors where members of society can find online solicitors, judges and bureau.

Intervention of legislature with the technology towards the freedom

Each of the governmental organs are interrupting the very personal space of freedom. by the means of high tech. Technology is getting more and more advanced so as the intervention of legislature. The way we communicate; how we listen, the way we sit in our cars, and how we seat others in our cars are now all subjected towards the legislation. This is regulating and bringing the laws out in the society.

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