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Rental Generator Comes with Minimum Cost

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Rental Generator

EO Energy is manufacturers and suppliers of the Rental Generator in Delhi NCR, we also deliver our Rental Generator in out location from Delhi NCR.

Our company manufactures and delivers a wide range of power generators from 2.5 kV to 2000 kV. This industrial power Genset is used in large businesses, corporate houses, or big industries. We have many industrial partners in Delhi NCR and other locations, where we can provide our services related to Rental Generator s.

We follow all the standard instructions at the time of the manufacturing industrial Genset. This Genset follows the standard emission norm CPCB 2 and is eco-friendly. They are specially designed for reliability, durability, and economical operating cost. We also support our customers to deliver genuine parts of the industrial Dg Set.

Our Dg Set is one of the traditional choices for the industry when their requirement is high kW power.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of Rental Generator s with the latest technology and unmatched performance. Industrial diesel generators are specified because they deliver when and where it’s needed. They are the traditional choices for high kW applications, as well as where high responsible services required like hospitals and emergency response centers.

Our industrial diesel genset engine follows EPA standard tier 4 version to generate green and clean energy.

Product specification

Engine type – Diesel engine

Condition   – New, Second-hand, Rent

Type        – Automatic

Material     – MS

Cooling type –  Water cooling, liquid-cooled

Output type  –  DC

Usage application – Industrial, Agriculture, construction, ESP, Power

No. of phase     – 3

Aspiration        – Naturally aspirated

Number of cylinders- 6

We have a wide choice of business and Rental Generator is available to be purchased from top brands including Hyundai, Cummins, Mahindra, Sonalika, Koel, Volvo Penta, and Prakash. These arrive in a scope of abilities to suit an assortment of requesting working applications.


To locate the privilege modern or business generators for your prerequisites, you should make sense of the wattage required for the equipment, you’ll be controlling and afterward settle on your favored fuel source.

For nonstop running your business without any power failure, the Rental Generator is always the best solution. To get your industrial Genset you will contact Eo Energy for more information.

Founded in 1973, the EO Energy is dedicated to new and innovative technologies and aims to produce cutting-edge solutions to fulfill the ever-changing power industry needs. The company has a broad base of blue-chip clients and operates overall India across various production facilities.

  • The product line is based on 7.5KVA – 3000 KVA Diesel & Gas Generators,
  • 100 KW Solar Panels, HT 11KV & 33KV Panels & LT Panels,
  • Packaged Substations
  • Turnkey EPC contracts providing electrical and mechanical facilities.

Big partnerships with listed industry giants, including Cummins for Generators, technical know-how help, and Schneider licensing agreements for Packaged Substations, Schneider for HT Panels and DuPont for Dry Form Transformers, and Tesar for Cast Resin Transformers, have enabled Renal Genset to experience unprecedented growth and become a brand to be reckoned with.

Salient Features

  • Compact, compact build with low noise level 75db(a) whisper.
  • Soundproof, weatherproof and quiet collection environmentally friendly
  • Silent package designed to withstand harsh Indian weather conditions with foreign technologies.
  • Ready to use the silent collection, removes the need for grouting or base
  • Safety equipment for security and tripping offered against rising temperatures.
  • Single bearing Renal Generator with optimized anti-vibration mounting guarantees low noise level and reduced vibration.
  • Customized silencer for vital residential and hospital category.
  • Silencers having low exhaust noise & back pressure- increased Engine life.
  • Acoustic Enclosure is made of compact sleek design conforming to International Standards.
  • Level of noise checked and rated 75-dB.

Construction Features

  • External steel structure with engineered heavy-duty foundation frame and built-in fuel tank.
  • World-class machines for pounding, shearing, zero, etc., both activities.
  • Provides parts with very high precision, accurate measurements and outstanding finish.
  • Everything stainless steel tools.
  • Bolted design: tiny parts can be quickly installed or removed.
  • Both joints are sealed with reproof neoprene gaskets that survive high temperatures and pressures
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