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QuickBooks Error H101

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error H101?

While using QuickBooks software you may face QuickBooks Error H101. The error is visible on the computer when you try to switch between normal to multi-user mode. Besides the error is visible under different circumstances. There are many reasons for the displaying of QuickBooks Error h101 such as incorrect file configuration, PC is unable to connect with the server, incoming/outgoing communication is blocked and so on. Apart from this, some other h series errors are:

  1. H202

  2. H303

  3. H505

  4. For expert assistance that describes How to fix QuickBooks Error H101 and to know more about your QB software just go through the  QuickBooks Help

Causes of QuickBooks Error H101

Some of the causes of Quickbooks error are:

  1. Your own computer is unable to connect with the server.

  2. The right allocation of files is not accessible for the server.

  3.  The error H101 can also display if QuickBooks firewall settings no access to company files.

  4. When there is no incoming and outgoing communication is happening.

  5. Corrupted or incorrect files configuration

  6. You are unable to access the file on the computer.

  7. QuickBooks is not able to get the IP address of your system.

  8.  The error appears on the computer screen when the file is located in a none installed server.

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Solutions to Troubleshoot QuickBooks H101 Error 

Solution 1: Verify hosting

  1. In the beginning, you need to open the QuickBooks software on every computer.

  2. After that, you have to select the file and then click on utilities.

  3.  In case you see host multi-user Access on the list you can change to the next PC.No need to make any changes in case you see Host multi-user access.

  4. You need to select the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access icon.

  5. Finally, you have to repeat the aforementioned steps in every system.

Solution 2: Verify QuickBooks services

  1. To start with you need to press the Windows key button +R for opening the run box.

  2. Then after you need to type the services. MSC and press enter.

  3.  You have to scroll down and in the service window search for the QuickBooksDBXX service.

  4. Then after making sure the startup type is set to automatic and service status is running.

  5. Now click on the recovery tab.

  6. Afterward, you need to click the drop-down for the first failure to choose to Restart the service.

  7. In case if it falls then you are required to do the same for second failure and subsequent failures.

  8. Save the changes by clicking Ok

  9. Then after you need to repeat steps from 1-6 for the QBCF Monitor Service.

  10. At last, you use QuickBooks in every necessary stage, which is suffered by error.

  11. Solution 3: Create a new folder for your company file.

  1. Create a new folder and share it at the hosting computer.

  2. Set windows to get the entry for sharing company files.

  3. You have to copy the “QuickBooks file” to the new folder.

  4. At last open company files in multi-user mode.


The first step is how to solve the problem of QuickBooks Error H101 and it is easy in use. The blog has defined what QuickBooks Error Support plays the role in the concept of H101 is and also guided you with the different solutions to get rid of the common error.

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