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Qualities That Make For A Good Internet Service Provider

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Post COVID19, “Online” has become the new normal. Thus strong internet connectivity has become an important necessity. With restrictions on social travel and need for social distancing becoming the norm of the day, people are taking to the internet to fulfill almost all their needs. Consequently there is a huge spike in the demand for a good ISP in lucknowand elsewhere in India.

From home consumption to fulfillment of commercial needs, from the smallest of resellers to the big MNCs, from education institutions to work from home etc., every aspect of daily life is now internet dependent. Thus almost everyone wants to capitalize on this by becoming an ISP thereby making it difficult for the customers to choose the best from the rest.

For the ISPs too this mushrooming has resulted in business loss by volume. To counter this they need to elevate their services and provide better value to customers by ensuring a superlative performance in the following areas:

  • Speed: A promise of hi-speed with the actual delivery of lower-speeds is the best way to drive away customers and incur bad publicity. The best way to ensure customers of delivering the promised speed is to give them a trial period of a month. Customers satisfied with the performance will automatically keep renewing their subscription and stop looking for other broadband services near me.
  • Bandwidth: Work from home and school/college from home requiring an increased amount of data per individual for consumption, ISPs need to ensure that they are able to cater to the same. Good ISPs will anticipate this need and ensure that their customers face no hassle when extra bandwidth is required.
  • Consistency: This translates into minimal downtime, lesser speed and latency fluctuations and an almost equal upload and download speed. Of course the consistency is also measured by the reliable and unwavering availability of the same. Ensuring this makes the ISP provider trustworthy, reliable and consistent; the three characteristics every customer looks for in an ISP.
  • Cost packages and deals: Customers look for value when they opt for an internet connection. This value is measured in terms of the service provided vis-à-vis the cost incurred. Only when the customer is satisfied with the quality of internet connectivity will he agree to pay the ISP desired price. SOPs make this easier. Hence an ISP needs to ensure the availability of SOPs in the form of free subscriptions to OTT channels, unlimited data consumption etc.

Package customisation is another area which needs special attention from all broadband services near me. Not everyone has the similar internet data consumption or speed requirements. The availability of different packages with different data limits and internet speed makes it easier for the customer to choose the one that he requires. This package and cost flexibility is another good way to enable customer conversion.

With customers becoming smart and instantly putting up bad experiences on the internet, an isp in lucknow and elsewhere need to be extra careful to ensure customer satisfaction. Taking the above factors and ensuring superlative performance in the same is the only way to ensure retention of present customers and convert new ones.

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