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Pros And Cons Of Using A Proxy

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Pros And Cons Of Using A Proxy

When you use a proxy is a great way to stay anonymous and enjoy any content of your choice over the internet. It is one of the key technologies that has emerged over the years and developed into something that has helped countless internet users worldwide. As the spying technologies evolve and become robust, anonymity technologies, whether it is VPNs, proxy, or tor network, have also simultaneous evolved to keep the freedom of internet access alive. Thanks to open source developers and engineers who are contributing their effort to this end. If you are not using a tamilrockers proxy yet but are searching for a good one, knowing its advantages and disadvantages might help you make the ultimate decision.


Pros of Using a proxy

Anonymous access to the internet

This is the crucial advantage of using a proxy and is the reason for its popularity. Proxies like Tamilrockers proxy help to mask the public addresses. So if anyone is trying to get data from your computer, they will find it hard to track you. As the proxy server is acting in between, a hacker who tries to access the computer won’t directly get to your computer. This gives you security and anonymity when browsing the internet online. Without some protection these days on your computer, there is a great deal of threat to your credit information and persona details. Hackers have become sophisticated in the ways they use to get access to this information. With the details of your identity, crime can be committed, and you will be held responsible for it.

Protection from Malware and Adware

Proxies like Tamilrockers proxy have inbuilt blockers for malicious code in web pages and sites. This prevents phishing, viruses, and malware attack on your computer. This prevents a user from getting into trouble online.


Access Geo-restricted sites

All countries across the world have some form of restriction on certain websites. Out of these, China is the most notorious one in the developed world. It has even ban on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. With a proxy server, these websites can be unlocked. Also, for access to Netflix and other movie sites that block content for a particular country, proxy comes useful.


Faster website loading

Since Tamilrockers proxy uses caching and compression of data methods, the websites load faster than on the regular internet.


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Cons Of A Proxy 

The proxy provider might keep track of your online activity

Although a proxy server might come in handy in masking your public IP address, some providers might still see and monitor your activity online. For this reason, it would be advisable to research a proxy provider before using their service.


Untrusted proxy providers could be tracking your online activity

Some proxy servers host themselves freely to get users’ details and use it for marketing and more evil purposes, such as stealing critical information such as debit and credit card details to commit fraud.

To avoid facing the cons, it is advisable to research the best proxy providers over the internet and choose something as Tamilrockers proxy for your proxy usage.

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