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Positive Pregnancy Symptoms Before A Pregnancy Test

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Positive Pregnancy Symptoms

The wait for a couple of weeks could prove to be brutal for most women. During this juncture you will be analysing each and every symptom with the hope that a missed period is well on its way to arrival. Before you opt for a pregnancy test, let us explore most early symptoms of pregnancy. Let us explain them in details.

Positive Pregnancy Symptoms

Sensitive nipples

Women are expected to experience sensitive nipples due to change in their hormone levels. During the early phase of pregnancy the breasts are expected to gain more fat, with milk ducts increasing in size. All of them add up to the sensitivity aspect. The nipples are expected to become darker but this is generally known to occur in the first couple of weeks.

Implantation bleeding

The cell balls makes their entry on to the uterus wall, women are expected to experience a light bleeding. Referred to as spotting this is not something which every mother is going to experience. Some women may take it as signs of early period, but it is not something that you need to be really worried about.


This poses to be a difficult one; this might signify that the period is on its way. There are some women who experience cramping in the first few weeks of conception. A lot of reasons can be attributed to the occurrence of such a situation.


A lot of woman has complained that they are put of sleep during pregnancy. In case if you had few late nights then the chances are high that you might be properly rested.


This is not going to be a symptom associated with morning sickness. There are some women who face nausea in the early stage of pregnancy, with uneasiness in the stomach, weakness or in rare cases vomiting. This situation appears to be really worse in the early morning with an empty stomach. In case if you are suffering from pregnancy nausea try to feast in on a few empty crackers once you wake up from bed.


The pregnancy hormone is expected to slow down the bowels as it becomes a problem for pregnant woman once they go on to start producing more of this hormone. In case if you are opting for a pre conception prenatal vitamin that contains iron this could add up to the problem. In such cases you need to watch out for the intake of water.

Change of taste

There are some women who complain lack of taste during the early stages of pregnancy. This is one of the possible symptoms of pregnancy at an early stage. For some women they confer that they have a metallic taste in their mouth and for others it may contain saliva. All of the changes are related to the change in mouth taste.

Suddenly if you notice that the early morning coffee does not appeal to you then it is high time you are about to hear this exciting piece of news.

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