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Places to Visit In May In India

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 India is a gigantic country, so the differences in climate between the regions are important. In December and in January, for example, it can get very cold in the north. There are usually quite heavy rains from October to the beginning of December on the southeast coast and in the south of the country. So you have to choose the departure date depending on the region you want to visit and avoid the monsoon season that runs from the end of May to October and takes place throughout the country.

Places to visit in April May in India

In April the low season begins, and until the end of September it will allow you to enjoy the best prices.

It is a month that stands out for a spectacular light, both in the north and in the south, and for being in the middle of the tropical summer, a dry period in the Indian subcontinent.

In the north, unbeatable picture of the TajMahal and very active period of agriculture in Rajasthan, not forgetting the spring explosion in the valleys of the Himalayas making Darjeeling or Dharamsalaare some good options to visit with very mild temperatures.

Best places to visit in India in May with friends

May is the best time to immerse you in the Buddhist culture. Nepal, Ladakh or Sikkim celebrateBuddha’sbirthday on the Buddha Purnima festival that draws thousands of pilgrims to the historic sites of Prince Siddharta in eastern India.

Also, without forgetting that we are in the dry season, the Himalayas is the best option to consider trekking in the mountains in May month.

Places to visit in may in Maharashtra

So, are you previouslymade a plan to visit to Maharashtra in this summer? Well, some of these Places to visit in May in Maharashtra will surely drag you. Take a look to see what awaits you on this earth!

1. Malvan

Recognized as the most famous fishing port in the state, Malvan is one of the places to visit in May in Maharashtra to enjoy privacy, sunsets and adventure water sports.

Best time to visit: from the end of October to the middle of May.

Main attractions: Tarkarli Beach, Malvan Beach, Nivti Beach, Rock Garden, Devbagh Beach, Sindhudurg Fortress, Malvan Marine Sanctuary, and more.

Things to do: boat rides through the backwaters of Karli, diving and dolphin safari on Tsunami Island, snorkeling in Tarkarli and more.

2. Amboli

Located at an altitude of 2260 feet, Amboli is one of the must-see tourist spots in Maharashtra in summer. Located on top of the Sahyadri Hills of the Western Ghats, Amboli is one of the fresh places in Maharashtra so that all nature lovers can relax and rejuvenate.

Best time to visit: from May to September

Main attractions: Amboli Falls, Shirgaonkar Point, Fort Madhavgad, Nangarta Falls and Sunset Point.

How to Get There: Dabolim Airport in Goa is the closest airport located about 113 kilometres from Amboli. Sawantwadi is the nearest train station located at a distance of 30 kilometres from Amboli.

3. Kashid

A quaint small beach town snuggleall alongwith the North Konkan region of Maharashtra;Kashid is one of the coolest places that one can to visit in Maharashtra in the month of May. Well-known for its white sand beach, clear blue seas, and denseforested mountains, Kashid is an appropriate place where all the beach bums should be route this summer.

Best Time to Visit: March to June

Major Attractions: Kashid Beach, MurudJanjira Fort, Korlai Fort, Revdanda Beach & Fort, and Phansad Bird Sanctuary.

Things to Do: Camping at Kashid beach, trek to Phansad, scuba diving near MurudJanjira, banana boat rides in Kashid, and more.

Places to visit in may in south india

South India oozes mystical sensuality in its temples and dances, and natural exuberance in its physical geography; it preserves its own ancestral culture, proud of its identity, but at the same time very permeable to other overseas countries, given its historical commercial vocation; and its cuisine is the most aromatic, varied and spicy of the entire Indian subcontinent.

The states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka make up the southern cone of India. Below we suggest some cheap places to visit in summer in India.

 1. Backwaters: an amphibious world.

This Anglicism refers to a network of 9000 km² of channels, lakes and inland lagoons that run parallel to the coastline of the state of Kerala and that make up an amphibious world of singular beauty, a natural orchard of marshes, coconut trees, rice fields and plantations of cashew nuts. . Sailing the region in a canoe or in the traditional kettuvalam allows you to surprise the daily life of its inhabitants and enjoy the rural charm of its small villages with their own customs and uses. Authentic slow travel at 10 kms per hour to enjoy the amphibious world of this labyrinthine fluvial network.

 2. Kathakali: classical theater of India

Kathakali is the most authentic cultural manifestation of South India. It is a dramatic work with recitation and dance, with a theme always linked to the great epic cycle’sofRamayana and Mahabbarata (the founding text of Hinduism). The prodigious gestural movements, rich clothing and colourful makeup of the actors make up a spectacle as unusual as it is bewitching to the eyes of the western traveller. Cochin is the city indicated to attend a performance.

3. Heritage of the humanity of Unesco in Tamil Nadu.

South India has two jewels that stand out above its varied and rich historical-artistic heritage. It is about the monumental ensembles of Mahabalipuram and the so-called Great Living CholaTemples, both in the state of Tamil Nadu. Admiring the carved bas-relief on a single monolithic rock from La Penitencia de Arjuna (or “Descent of the Ganges”) in Mahabalipuram is a completely joyful experience for any art lover.

Best cool places to visit in may in india


Goa, another different India. A great attraction of the South, for its Portuguese cultural heritage, present at a monumental, religious, gastronomic level, and even in the very physiognomy of the cities. A destination that satisfies the cultural attractions while leisure and relaxation. And moreover, everyone is aware of the nightlife in goa for singles is infamous, and the town is India’s party capital.


Another very special state with its own attractions. Inland water network known as backwaters and backwaters of Kerala offers countless possibilities for enjoyment and any of them very pleasant, from simple transport boats to houseboats with all amenities. The historic city of Kochin, its beaches, the popular theater of Kerala, the Kathakali, or the recently promoted Ayurvedictreatments offered in the increasingly numerous spa hotels of Kerala.

The Hill Station

The Hills Stations are mountainous locations that the English turned into places of rest and relaxation where to take refuge from the intense heat. There are dozens of them across the country and only in Tamil Nadu there are 23 Hill stations being Kodaikanal the most popular.

They usually have lakes and wooded areas. Today in a certain way they continue fulfilling the same function, escape the intense heat and humidity of India, and take refuge in places with less human density.

Mount Abu best places to visit

The desert state of Rajasthan is home to only one hill station and it is Mount Abu. The widely popular tourist destination is located near the Sirohi District at an altitude of 1,220 meters above sea level. The hierarchies of Mount Abu in the Aravalli mountain range and are still a popular retreat for guests from around the world. Enjoy the scenic beauty of this hill station along with colourful and bubbly Rajasthani culture.

Here is a list of Mount Abu best places

1. Dilwara Jain Temples

The Temples of Dilwara Jain are located 2.5 km away from Mount Abuindia. The grandeur was erected in the mid- thirteenth century & has intricate carving and labyrinthine in exterior and interior walls. The Temples of Dilwara Jain are a group of 5 temples contiguous to each other among the forests. Each splendor is dedicated to Jain tirthankara. The impeccable architecture temples reflect the typical Jain style. The place is frequented by devotees of Jain as well as tourists.

2. Monte Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mount Abu natural worldshelter, situated in one of the oldest mountain ranges in India, was confirmed a wildlife sanctuary in year 1980. It has a very rich flora and fauna. The vegetation starts from the subtropical spinal forests in the standing hills to the subtropical evergreen forests along PRIYEN watercourses and valleys at higher altitudes. Here you will find a variety of rare and endangered species of animals.

3. Lake Nakki

One of the most popular attractions in Mount Abu, Lake Nakki is an ancient and sacred lake. According to Hindu mythology the lake was unearthed by the gods simply using its nails to gain shelter from the Banshkhali Demon, however many such mythological stories exist leading to the creation of this lake. However, the place is a great spot for picnicking with friends and family alike.

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