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September 23, 2021

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Benefits of Using Pinterest For Your Real Estate Business

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Real Estate Business

When we talk about social media, we think in terms of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn only. But social media is more than that. Although Facebook and Twitter stay on top of the social media marketing channels, we often underminethe power of the neglected networking sites like Quora and Pinterest.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board platform where you use the visuals to present information and pinimages or videos from other network or business collaborators. Each pin is linked to the website andhelps in generating the traffic of that site.

When it comes to real estate business, Pinterest can be the most powerful platform that can help buyersto connect to their dream property and expanding your business reach. After being in the real estate business, if you still think that Pinterest is a waste of time and won’tgenerate you enough revenue then see the benefits below:

1. It Increases Your Online Visibility Gone are the days when the buyers would only trust the real estate agents reviews for buying Toronto condos or single-family homes. Now they dig reviews on social media to calculate the net worth of the property. They also have a hard time trusting the agents who don’t have social media reach. 

When you are active on Pinterest, and the customer searches for you, he will see your business account providing valuable information for buying and selling properties. If your account contains valuable information and successfully grab the customer’s attention, then you’ll become the first to contact when he needs any property. By becoming a referral, Pinterest helps in word of mouth advertising and receiving quality traffic to your website.

2. Drives Traffic to your Website In the digital era today, customers can easily drop orders to the website, which ranks on top of the search engines. To achieve the top position, business or advertisers create campaigns, use Facebook the maximum or Google AdWords to drive traffic to the site. But they often forget Pinterest in between the range of platforms.

When you create Pins for your business and it appeals to your audience, you attain their focus to your website. The more attention your pins get, the traffic becomes exponential on the website. As a result, it boosts the SEO ranking and makes your website considerable among the customers.

3. Shows that You’re a Local Expert By using Pinterest, you can get successful in showcasing the local communities. For example, if you live in Toronto and Toronto lofts is the specialty of your real estate business then by using Pinterest you can pin attractive photos of the local landmarks, establishments or points that show you’re a local community expert.

When people see your credibility as a local agent, they will start taking your advice as an expert. As a result, you’ll become the source of their information and will get successful in out scaling your business presence. 

4. Pins are Everlasting Never assume that Pinterest is a temporary source of traffic. It’s the best medium to generate everlasting traffic on your site. When you create pins with beautiful visuals and gives the user the information they are searching for, you increase word of mouth advertising for your business. Everlasting content is the one who stays fresh regardless of the time. For example, if you create a pin on “things to see before buying a condo” so no matter how old the pin gets, you’ll keep reaping the traffic through this pin. As compared to the Tweet or a Facebook post, it generates traffic only when they are up in the air, but a pin is everlasting and will remain helpful to the new consumers over time.

Conclusion :Building a strong presence on Pinterest will take time and effort, but once you get successful in building it, your business growth will accelerate at an unprecedented pace. Considering the above benefits of Pinterest, there’s no excuse left to leave Pinterest to grow your business. Still, if you think that you can do well without Pinterest, then it’s a wrong assumption that you’ll need to drop immediately. I hope these benefits have convinced you to start considering this medium to accelerate your social media growth.

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