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Main Components Of A Refrigerator

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Is it the red hot summer in your city? Then you get tired in the evening. Coming home, you open the fridge and gulp the chilled water. What more could be refreshing in that situation? Since you have landed on this page, you already know about the basic factors to check before buying a model. For starters, before buying a fridge, you need to check the capacity of the fridge, the space in your home, the budget and aftersales service. Please note, you can make the fridge a one-time investment if you opt for the recent technology models known as the smart fridge. In this article let us discuss the main components of a refrigerator.

There are a few common problems with the model. Let us look into only two of them –

  • The appliance runs too fast. The condenser coils may have become jammed.
  • If the refrigerator leaks water, the reason could be the blocked defrost drain or ice build-up in freezer.

To set right the common problems, you can check the models manually. The instructions will be given to fix the challenges.

Do you feel, that it is better to know the main components of a fridge and then gain knowledge about common problems? Please find below the main components of a refrigerator.

1- Compressor-

Being the heart of the refrigeration system, it is an airtight sealed reciprocating pump. This part has the responsibility of pumping refrigerant gas to different components. And the temperature gets reduced in the appliance. The horsepower of this pump is 0.5 to 1 and R-12 refrigerant gas is mainly used. There has been a launch of newer environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. But you can find it only in the latest models. Do you know that many brands offer a ten-year warranty on the compressor? So, you can guess the importance of this part.

2- Main Components Of A Refrigerator – Condenser –

It is made with the help of serpentine copper tubes along with aluminum fins. The main function of this component – it changes the gas refrigerant into a liquid refrigerant. The heat of the evaporator and the heat of the compressor get released to the atmosphere.

3- Main Components Of A Refrigerator – Filter/Dryer-

It functions in flushing out the dirt and iron particles from the fridge. This helps in removing the moisture gel from the refrigerator. This part also protects the compressor by filtering & restricting the impurities.

4- Expansion Valve-

It is an equipment which is used more on refrigerant appliances. Being one of the main components of a refrigerator, it removes pressure from the liquid refrigerant. This is done to change the state of liquid to vapor in the evaporator. Its length is between 8 to 12 feet and diameter is 2.5mm. It converts high-pressure liquid refrigerant into a low-temperature liquid refrigerant.

5- Evaporator- 

The fan of the evaporator attracts air from the refrigerator and spreads it over the evaporator coils. It is made up of serpentine aluminum tubes with aluminum fins. The evaporator absorbs the heat of the freezing and refrigerating compartments. Then it gets transferred to the condenser. After absorbing the heat, the low-pressure liquid refrigerant turns into a gas. After the process, it is ready to make its journey through the accumulator towards the compressor.

6- Main Components Of A Refrigerator – Accumulator-

It is a refrigerant tank. This prevents the liquid refrigerant to flood back to the compressor. This component stores refrigerant so that the evaporator doesn’t run out of the liquid. An accumulator prevents the compressor from getting damaged. The damage might occur from a sudden breakthrough of oil that could enter the compressor.

7- Refrigerator Fan motor- 

It is mostly situated at the back of the evaporator coils. This Component blows the air into the air coil. The air gets distributed into the freezing and the refrigerant compartments. The area of a room of the freezer is smaller than that of the refrigerator. So the temperature can be adjusted at below 0-degree centigrade.

8- Freezer fan Motor-

Its function is to cool the compressor and force air through the exterior coils. It is situated near the compressor in the compressor room. The fan motor has a stand and steel bracket which is locked into a cross member. During maintenance service (if you opt for the DIY method) please take care that the fan should not be bent. That will result in the aluminum blade running vigorously which may result in an early breakdown.


When the home appliances are not working properly, there may be many technical reasons. If a refrigeration appliance does not work efficiently, then the food items can get spoilt. If you are having basic knowledge of electronic appliances, then you can make use of the instruction manual to set right the minor problems. For the complex problems, you need to contact the service center of the brand. Provided, you have the warranty period.

There are occasions when the refrigerator malfunctions and the warranty period is over. But still, you need to hire an expert to repair the appliance. Right? And what is the best way? Do you reside in Bangalore? Then you are in luck. Since five years, a new group of companies is offering doorstep repair services in Bangalore for home appliances. And these companies have their mobile applications on the internet. So, take advantage, and as the first step download the app to your mobile. Then search in the app for the best technician offering refrigerator repair in Bangalore. Go through his profile, and you will be able to find the experiences, the charges and more. Place a request and you can make the fridge expert come to your home. Thus, you can fix any problem or repair by this easy method.

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