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Physical Therapy After Total Knee Replacement

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Doctors recommend physical therapy in various joint surgery cases, such as knee replacement. It ensures flexibility and natural movement of the joint after the surgery. With proper physical therapy, the recovery process of the patient is made quick, and they are able to return to their daily chores sooner.

People spend up to 3 days in hospital after the surgery, and doctors start their therapy during that time only. The intention of this immediate therapy is to keep the knee moving so that it does not become stiff by the time the patient gets ready to walk. That is the reason for recommending slow and mild exercises.

Once the patient gets discharged from the hospital, they are given two options for further physical therapy:

  • At-Home Treatment: The doctor will suggest the whole post-surgery care procedure for the patient. They will provide them with a proper plan for the movement of their knee. Initially, the patient will be directed to limit their movement and move with the help of a walker. As the time will proceed, they will have more intense movements like climbing up the stairs. Also, some exercises will be included in the plan.
  • Rehab Clinic: The other option in their hand is to go to a rehab clinic. The two benefits of choosing rehab clinics over at-home treatment are regularity of exercise and professional support. As there are expert therapists available in the rehab, they examine the condition of the patient every day and proceed according to their body’s response. This helps the patient in receiving better treatment and results.

Types Of Exercise

The types of exercise will change with time. For the initial few days, the therapist will allow the patient to take short walks with the help of a walker and will recommend some mild knee strengthening exercises. As the wound will get better, they will allow the patient to move without a walker and take long walks.

The Recovery Process

The complete recovery process can take up to 3 months, depending on the condition of the patient. For example, old patients take a longer time to recover as compared to younger patients. The timelines of various processes are:

  • Driving: Driving a car requires the patient to bend their knees so, it can be a critical process for them. It can take up to 6 weeks for a patient to return to driving.
  • Lifting Weights: Lifting weights put up extra stress on the knees, so the patients cannot do that right after the surgery. They can lift light weights like groceries after 3-6 weeks.

The processes like heavy weight lifting, running, playing outdoor sports, swimming, biking, etc. can take several months to resume.

Increasing The Knee’s Life

How long the new transplant works will on the use of the knee. For people who have limited movement throughout the day can manage to use the knee for an extended period of time, as compared to those who indulge in physical exercises. Some of the physical activities that should be avoided for increasing the life of the knee implant are:

  • Too much jumping
  • Running
  • Playing badminton and tennis
  • Skiing
  • Heavy hiking

People can still go on with long walks, swimming, golfing, biking, and dancing.


The post-surgical therapy procedure requires a lot of patience. But if done right, it can benefit the patient in several ways. Also, the patient should get their surgery done from the best knee replacement hospital in India to guarantee a convenient and safe procedure.


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