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Oracle 1Z0-900 Exam: Be a Certified as an Application Developer with Oracle Certification

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The Importance of Oracle 1Z0-900 Certification:


The Oracle 1Z0-900 or JAVA EE7 Application Developer Certification is very helpful for IT professionals to update their skills and knowledge.


It is the updated version of Java EE 6 Certifications, which was discontinued on March 31, 2019. So the updated version is sure to add value to your CV.


Java is almost everywhere. It is used on all devices and platforms. Java has changed the changing technology landscape and brought innovation to the world of information technology.


It is one of the most recognized and used languages. If you want to develop smart card applications, mobile applications, or server-side business applications, the Java EE7 application developer is the game-changer.


One of the most important benefits of the Java EE7 implementation is that it is platform-independent. This makes the 1Z0-900 certification favorable. Applicants can use their knowledge in practical areas, which they obtain with the 1Z0-900 certification.


Java is the strongest and most secure language compared to C or C ++. All these components play an important role in ushering in a new era in IT for Java. The demand for Java developers is increasing because there are countless uses for Java, be it on a mobile phone or in a data management system.

Oracle Certification

Basic requirements for 1Z0-900 certification:


Oracle has simplified the certification path. They have removed requirements that created a barrier to getting 1Z0-900 certified in the past.


Two certificates are no longer required:

  • Oracle Associate Certified,
  • Oracle Certified Professional to obtain 1Z0-900 certification


Become an Oracle Certified Java EE 7 application developer and prove your programming ability to deploy and develop applications using Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7.


The goal is to mediate application developers, software engineers, and advanced-level Java engineers for front-end and back-end, who have experience using Java EE 7 technology to create web-based user interfaces. For this purpose, JavaScript, along with JSP and JSF, servlets and deals with business logic.


Oracle 1Z0-900 Test Details:

  • Exam Name: Java EE 7 Application Developer
  • Exam Code: 1Z0-900
  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Number of questions: 70
  • Success rate: 66%
  • Format: Multiple choice questions


Oracle 1Z0-900 Syllabus Topics:

  • Understand the Java EE architecture
  • Implement business logic using EJB
  • Implement SOAP services using JAX-WS and JAXB APIs
  • Create Java web applications using JSP
  • Create Java applets using Web Sockets
  • Securing Java EE 7 applications
  • Use Concurrency API in Java EE 7 applications
  • Continuity management using JPA entities and bean validation
  • Use the Java Message Service API
  • Create Java web applications using servlets
  • Implement REST services using the JAX-RS API
  • Web application development using JSF
  • Use CDI pills
  • Use Batch API in Java EE 7 applications


The most popular way to pass the exam

  • Take as many practice tests as possible.
  • Preparation for Oracle 1Z0-900 is nearly incomplete without preparation for the practice exam. They are just as necessary for development as the fish need water to survive. By giving them, you will be able to know the true speed of response to the exam, their proficiency in preparing, and their perseverance. They will also help you become familiar with the actual test settings.
  • Passin1day 1Z0-900 exam dumps questions will help you pass the test in no time. If you are a busy professional, but you must pass the 1Z0-900 test. Oracle Java is a required certification to obtain on your CV. It will help you achieve positive results.
  • You can review the Oracle 1Z0-900 Q&A selected by the professionals, and you will be able to pass the 1Z0-900 exam on the first try.
  • Oracle 1Z0-900 Updated Frequently Asked Questions.
  • The great contribution from your certified experts and 1Z0-900 experts allows us to present the most relevant and up-to-date 1Z0-900 practice questions, which have a good effect on my final result in the 1Z0-900 test.


Practice 1Z0-900 exam questions


Passin1day Online 1Z0-900 Exam Questions are designed to educate candidates on the skills required to pass the 1Z0-900 exam.


Benefits of the Java EE 7 Application Developer Certification:

  1. Simplified Certification Path

Oracle has simplified this certification pathway, removing the prerequisite that previously created a barrier to 1Z0-900 certification.


Developers no longer need to acquire two certifications, Oracle Certified Associate and Professional, to earn this accreditation.


  1. Better alignment of work roles

Also, certification is more suited to job responsibility and gives you a faster chance to earn Oracle certification and all of the associated benefits.


Mentioning this certification on your resume and accomplishments list allows you to gain the skills required for web and mobile application development.


  1. Skills have been updated

With all five Java EE 6 certifications retired on March 31, 2019, it is important to renew skills and knowledge with this updated exam and certification.


This unique 1Z0-900 certification covers skills such as creating web-related user interfaces with JavaScript along with JSF, JSP and dealing with business logic and servlets.


  1. Higher wages reports that the average salary for Java developers is $ 102,714 per year. So the 1Z0-900 certification is sure to increase the salary.


How to prepare for the 1Z0-900 exam?

You must have complete knowledge of JEE to pass this test. Setup requires good knowledge of JEE engineering, JPA entities, EJB components, JMS grains and MDB, JAX-WS programming, JAXB marshal / De-Marshall coding, web-level development (using Servlets framework, JSP and JSF), and JAX-RS programming, Web Sockets Programming, Security (Web Layer, EJB Layer, Message Layer), CDI Module Development, Concurrent JEE Programming, and JEE Batch API Programming.


Define the goal of the study:

The first order of preparation should be setting a goal for the study. Search the topics, and find preparatory materials that provide a detailed analysis of the topics. Determine your intention to study from these preparatory materials to successfully pass this exam.


Identify your weak areas of study:

The next thing to do should be to identify weak areas of study. But how do you find this weakness? For this, try the 1Z0-900 practice test. After practicing with the 1Z0-900 practice exam, you can quickly identify your weak study areas. Mark these areas and repeat the hard work on them.


Make a specific time to study:

As mentioned earlier, the 1Z0-900 is not an easy test to perform; It takes a lot of work and time to prepare. Set aside a consistent time each day for Oracle 1Z0-900 test study.


Get the latest and most relevant study materials:

Gather all the newest and latest Oracle 1Z0-900 prep materials that provide you with everything you need to pass this test. Because this 1Z0-900 plays the most important role in your success and your career.


Read more about business applications:

Please note that there are different applications that we can build for the current generation, such as mobile applications, desktop applications, web applications, business applications, service-oriented applications, etc. You must know the difference between these applications to understand business applications.


Read more about the Java EE architecture:

The next step after understanding business applications is reading about JEE architecture. Start with JEE levels and understand the components / APIs used at each level.


Understanding the JEE application development process:

You may need to understand more about packaging and implementation. JEE applications are compressed into EAR files and can contain multiple JAR files for EJB component packages. Usually, the WAR file is packed inside the EAR file for web components (JSP, Servlet, JSF … etc.)


Prepare flashcards:

Review your preparation for the 1Z0-900 exam by taking notes in your pocket diary and keep them for your final study.



Oracle has been recognized globally as one of the top 10 certification programs in the world. Since Oracle is the owner of the Java technology product; Oracle Java 1Z0-900 Certification is recommended.

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