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Not All Hosting Is Created Equal

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Do you know what is cloud hosting, what are the other hosting solutions, are you confused about whether to choose cloud hosting? We will discuss what hosting services are available, what are the benefits and which cloud hosting provider is the best. We will answer all of these and other questions here in this article.


Not all hosting is created equal 1

What is Hosting?. 1

Features of cloud hosting. 1

When Should You Use Cloud Hosting?. 2

What are the other hosting solutions available and when to use?. 3

What is difference between dedicated hosting and cloud hosting service?. 3

Who is best suited to use a cloud hosting environment?. 3


What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting is an internet hosting service that permits companies/individuals to make their website accessible via world wide web. Below are the three types of web hosting solution available to companies/individuals:

  • Dedicated hosting – In this service, one server is completely allocated to an organisation. It is best suited for companies that get a lot of internet traffic such as Amazon, Flipkart and Facebook
  • Shared hosting – This is suited to websites receiving moderate traffic. Many websites share one server and services such as disk space and bandwidth. Here host provides various critical hosting services such as maintenance, backups, update and security
  • Cloud hosting: It is based on a network of many servers and resources are shared among many server computers

Cloud hosting is a network and server infrastructure that employs software to split one physical server into multiple virtual servers. These servers are widely used for various requirements such as remote-accessible desktop work environments, application development and web hosting.

Features of cloud hosting

A simple web hosting plan would allow you to leverage specified resources on a single server – this works well for websites that have predictable traffic. However, if you witness sudden spike in traffic then it may be a challenge – although, all plans allow you to temporarily dedicate additional resources (such as bandwidth) by availing an upgrade in the plan. To avail this, individual/organisation website will have to go offline for a while, resulting in a loss of audience and revenue.


A few of the key benefits of cloud hosting comprise the following:

  • Fully managed solutions
  • The website can be continually monitored
  • Scalable and customized nature of service
  • Flexible pricing
  • Fault defense: In the event of server crashing, it is easy to get your website up and running as servers are virtualized and it is convenient to jump from one server to another
  • High security: Security is the prerogative of the hosting service provider, thus freeing up the website owner of the security maintenance hassles


Cloud hosting could be of the following types:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Managed cloud


Cloud hosting is best suited for rapidly expanding websites that are receiving high traffic, but not in a fixed range. Cloud hosting is not only secure and rapid hosting solution but also scalable for companies that require greater clarity and flexibility. While you implement cloud hosting, it frees you from the restrictions of a single server. The cloud hosting permits you to expand your website to an unlimited level whenever the internet traffic increases along with ensuring excellent service.

Cloud hosting enables one to leverage resources of various physical servers as it links different servers together in a huge virtual dedicated server.

When Should You Use Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting offers unparalleled flexibility as a hosting solution. Cloud hosting is suited for large organisations of the like of Netflix that mandate high performance, 100% uptime and bandwidth to small start-ups, to function smoothly.

Cloud hosting is offered at several levels, from huge organisations to mid-level companies to individuals who operate high traffic blogs.

Broadly speaking, cloud hosting yields huge benefits for companies that require 100% uptime and also require the flexibility to expand server requirement on a need basis, without facing delays. Employing a first-rate cloud hosting solution provider will not only provide fast site performance, but also superior site security.

Website owners that witness moderate traffic usually, but see a sudden increase in traffic periodically causing website slowdown or getting offline should use cloud hosting solutions. The ones experiencing huge internet traffic can also use a dedicated server and a virtual private server; however, this arrangement may not provide the desired scalability, says the analysts of


What questions I should ask myself before implementing cloud hosting:

  • Number of site visitors – more the number of visitors with spikes in numbers, the better suited is cloud hosting
  • Budget – if you have less traffic and stringent budget, go for shared hosting; however, if you anticipate expansion, cloud-based hosting is a good choice
  • How important is the website uptime for me – if you desire 100% uptime, then cloud hosting is the best choice

What are the other hosting solutions available and when to use?

If a website is being managed through a shared hosting plan and you do not exceed the service limits or witness website slowdown/site going offline – you can continue to function through a cloud hosting plan. Image optimization, using a CDN and caching plugins can be used to optimize the website performance without using cloud hosting.

What is the difference between dedicated hosting and cloud hosting services?

Dedicated hosting Cloud hosting
Reliability Medium reliability High reliability
Performance Better than shared Fast
Security User is responsible Hosting service provider
Scalability No Yes
Flexibility No Yes
Customization Yes Yes
Server installation and management Yes Yes


Dedicated hosting is typically considered better than shared hosting, nevertheless, it is not the best solution for companies/individuals that have high traffic and demand 100% uptime and performance.

Who is best suited to use a cloud hosting environment?

Organizations/individual’s websites receiving high traffic volume and/or experiencing an abrupt increase in traffic should consider cloud hosting as it provides flexibility and transparent pricing. Moreover, cloud hosting is a safe and secure environment. Hosting Raja is one of the leading wordpress hosts in India, that the customers should definitely consider while opting for cloud hosting service.

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