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Nightlife In Anaheim, CA: How To Find The Best Bars?

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Many things separate a good bar from a great bar. Like any other business, several factors play an important role in making a venture popular among the locals and visitors, looking for a great nightlife. After careful research and asking around, we came up with some intangible and tangible factors that you can use to sort out the best bars in Orange County and enjoy a happening nightlife in Anaheim CA.


A Thorough Guide on How to Find the Best Bars in Anaheim CA


  • Live Music:

It’s hard to make a bar your favorite if they do not give you some tunes to tap your feet to. Live music venues create an interesting ambiance. Thanks to radio, television, and digital audio streaming platforms like Spotify, we are always listening to the most popular songs. Wouldn’t it be boring to listen to the same songs, booming out of the jukeboxes, at the bar as well?


Live music performances spice things up considerably and you get to hear new music for a pro or upcoming musicians. A great example of live music venues in Anaheim is The Fifth OC rooftop restaurant and bar. The Fifth OC hosts live music almost every day of the week unless it is booked for some private event. You can check out their schedule online on their website. And the best thing is that there is usually a theme to these musical nights. So, this is the first criterion that you must look for in a bar in Anaheim CA if you intend on enjoying the night.


  • Bartenders and Servers:

The people working behind the bar are as important in making the establishment popular, as the food and drinks served at the joint. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the true stars of the show and can make or break the reputation of the bar. At the end of the day, it is not all about juggling bottles or the jokes that seem to keep coming. Prompt service and friendly behavior really make a difference and makes the bar stand out from the crowd. So, more than the fancy tricks a friendly face works more in favor of the establishment making it popular among the patrons.


  • Location:

The famous saying “build it and they will come” does not work anymore in favor of making a bar popular among the patrons. A great bar comes with a great location. Either its easily accessible by foot or car or it provides free valet or magnificent views. Anyone of these factors can be considered when you are searching for a bar in Anaheim.


For example, The Fifth OC Rooftop Restaurant and Bar is Anaheim’s only rooftop bar that gives you an unrestricted view of the city’s skyline and the magnificent fireworks show that takes place at the Disneyland®Resort at night. Sip on some handcrafted cocktails and enjoy the fireworks show from the fifth floor of The Fifth OC.


  • Clean Bathrooms:

Dirty, stinking bathrooms and washrooms are an instant turnoff for any business associated with the hospitality industry. Patrons in a bar are bound to use the washroom at a point of time, all thanks to the drinks they are being served. A washroom littered with wet toilet paper, sanitary supplies or urine is not only unhygienic but also a total buzzkill. So, this should be a judging factor on your list to select a great bar in the city.


  • Interesting Menu:

What’s a bar without some good cocktails and lip-smacking food?


An interesting menu in terms of both food and drinks is a huge advantage for a bar. However, variety cannot make up for taste and presentation, which is also very important. So, one of the best ways to find a great bar in Anaheim CA is to taste the food and drinks served at the establishment. Do they offer a seasonal menu? Are the cocktails handcrafted? Is the presentation eye-pleasing prompting you to upload it on Instagram?


These are quite important questions you must ask yourself if you want to have a good time at the bar. The finger food must be of good quality, even if it is just peanuts or popcorn. Such small touches will be remembered by the patrons for sure.


  • Easy Availability of Water:

This is not something that comes to the mind in the first instance, but it is very important. While cocktails and food are fine, nothing can quench your thirst like water itself. Installing a free-standing water dispenser and cooler at one corner will lessen the line in front of the bar and keep the bartenders free to create those amazing cocktails that you came to savor.


In Conclusion:

So, here are some of the tangible and intangible factors that you can consider to find the best bar in the city. Nightlife in Anaheim, CA can be quite exciting if you can find the right place to spend it in.



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