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Must-Know Tips While Driving Long Distance with a Toddler

4 min read
Must-Know Tips While Driving Long Distance with a Toddler 4 min read

Road Trips are always considered fun. But the case is not the same when you have kids ready to go with you. If someone has not told you yet, you can actually have a lot of fun with your kids too. All you have to do is manage everything wisely and follow some simple tips while you go.

Let’s say you are based in Ontario and that you have already passed the G1 practice test, now there are few things to take in consideration before taking your trip.

Kids are moody and their behavior depends on their moods. Moreover, toddlers get a lot of mood swings than infants or little babies. They can get cranky and grumpy if they don’t get what they want. With all of these things, there is another aspect to it. A perk of it is that you’ll save money by not traveling through a plane. There will be no crowd to annoy you and your child.

7 Tips for Long Drives with a Baby or a Toddler

I’ve gathered some great tips if you plan on going on a road trip with your family. Plan your trip to your favorite destination and just follow these tricks to make your way much more easy and comforting.

Prepare Your Car

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to prepare your car for the trip. Even the smallest of things need to be checked as you never know what happens during the drive. As you have to spend a lot of time in your car, get it inspected and repaired. For the inspection and which car seat will suit you, the will guide you all in detail.

Check the windshield wipers, the coolant in your engine, your seats and other things like these. This will prevent unusual situations to happen with your car on the road. If you think that your car cannot survive a really long drive then you can consider renting a car for some days. This can be a very good option for you.

Plan the Destination and Time Wisely

No matter how much you want to go on road trips that last for days, you should reconsider it when you’re traveling with your kids. Toddlers do not have the same tolerance and patience for things as we have. So when you travel with small kids, the best advice is to go on short trips. This way you and your kids both will enjoy the trip thoroughly and you won’t be tired trying to soothe them during the drive.

Also, choose the nap-time of your child for the drive for small trips. If the drive time is more, you can consider driving at night. Your kid will be sleeping during most of the drive and won’t trouble you when you’ll drive.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Here’s another savior for you. When you are planning the trip, add in a lot of breaks and playtimes. In that way, your kid will not get exhausted because of the long drive. Moreover, take potty and playtime breaks. You and your baby both will be refreshed for the drive.

Make Your Car Kit

Making a car kit is very important as your kid needs a lot of things. Some important things that you need to add are wipes, towels, blankets, trash bags, zip-lock bags, diapers and a lot of new toys. These things will save you from many of the embarrassing situations parents face in the car as your kid may through up during the drive.

Don’t Forget Your First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is essential as you can face any accident anytime. So for all the sudden situations, you need to have a First-aid kit. Get yourself prepared as your kid may scrape his knee or get an allergic reaction or sunburn or even a sting of an insect. Add in your bandages and all the pills.

Get the Car Seat Checked before the Trip

This step is necessary for the safety of your child as he has to sit in his car seat for the whole trip. Make sure you have a good toddler or convertible car seat. Get it checked even if you think everything is all right. Check if it is placed correctly or not. Another tip is to make your child sit perfectly and comfortably in the car seat. I would prefer a car seat with a harness.

Listen To Music, Watch Movies and Eat Food

Music and food are the best distractions for your child during the long drives. Make sure you include versatile albums of music to listen to. Watching movies and other videos can be a very good activity. Take a lot of food with you as you don’t want your kid to be hungry and grumpy. Your trip will get stress-free by including these.

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