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Must-Know Facts On Knee Pain And Treatment

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pain in the knee

Common Causes Of Knee Pain:

Reasons for best treatment for pain in the knee are many, and it can occur to people of all ages and gender. It can be due to injuries like ligament tear surrounding the knee or medical conditions. At times, even simple activities like running and jumping might hurt the knee. But it is easy to heal such wounds. 

Arthritis is the most common reason behind knee pains. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joint and its surrounding tissues. It is a collective term that can affect all joints in the body. When there is degeneration of the joint cartilage and the bone, then it is known as osteoarthritis. It is an age-related issue.

Knee pain due to osteoarthritis can be very severe. Another factor causing knee pain is obesity. Our legs, especially our knees bear the weight of the body. When the body is overweight, there is constant pressure on the knees. This pressure leads to gradual deformation of the knee joint causing severe pain.

Age-related or lifestyle related degeneration of knee joints and muscles are chronic and hard to treat. It affects the movement and rotation of the knee joint. Abnormal metabolism also causes pain in the knee, and it is known as gout.


If there are swelling, redness and pain around the knee, constant feelings of instability as you walk or stand, inability to fully flex and rotate the knee joint then one should visit the physician. As the reasons are varied the treatments too are different.

First proper diagnosis to find the underlying cause needs to be done. By using X-rays, CT scan, Ultrasonography, and MRI scan report doctors are able to fix the reason. If the pain is due to sports injury or accident, then even blood tests are taken to detect infections.

Pain relievers and muscle strengthening exercises like physiotherapy are common treatment methods. Special footwear and knee braces are also used.  At times, special steroids and lubricants are directly injected into the knee.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy falls under the category of regenerative medicine. The plasma cells have stem cells which can modify into any type of cell. This method is useful in case of degenerative conditions as in osteoarthritis.

pain in the knee


When all treatment measures fail or are of little use, then the doctors might suggest knee surgery. This is because even after surgery patients might take 6 weeks to a few months to return to normalcy. There are different types of knee replacement surgeries based on the criticality.

Arthroscopic Surgery:

This is the simplest of all. A small cut is made around the knee. With a long, narrow tube and fiber-optic camera, the loose parts and damaged cartilages are removed. Doctors even reconstruct the torn ligaments.

Partial or Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Surgery:

Knee joint consists of three sides. If only the inner side is affected, then physicians opt for this type of surgery. Here they remove the damaged part and replace it with good quality plastics and fiber.

This method is less stressful and ensures a quick recovery. This is also suitable for young people as the better growth of original bones. The disadvantage with the method is that it requires a revision surgery in few cases.

Total Knee Replacement:

Here the entire joint surface covering the end of the thigh bone and shin bone is removed and replaced by metallic and plastic parts. New parts are either cemented or textured to ensure the growth of bone on top of the added part. At times, a plastic bearing is fixed to reduce wear and tear of the new joint.

Complex or revision surgery involves more than two joint replacements on the same knee.

For undergoing knee replacement surgery, one must be physically fit. Recovery after knee replacement surgery takes a long time.

Moreover, people fear that the replaced knee is not as good as the original one. People also need to take care of their knee for a whole life. Knee replacement videos for all kinds of surgeries are available today either in youtube or medicine related blogs.

These knee replacement videos are mainly for comforting the patients and also for raising awareness among the general public.  Knee replacements surgeries are safe and have an average success rate of 90%.   

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