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Although our mothers are hyperactive 365 days a year, one day is entirely dedicated to them each year. This is of course Mother’s Day! Falling on the first Sunday of June, this important day is above all symbolic. It gives us the opportunity to spoil our mothers and especially to thank them for all the little things they do every day.

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In recent times, the layout and decoration of our interiors have taken a prominent place in our daily lives.

Staying in our homes day after day gave us the desire to change, allowing us to take stock of what we would like to change or not and the evolution of our needs.

After a first phase of questioning and sorting, it’s time to have fun. What could be better for this than the small decoration!

My gift technique:

Throughout the year, I like to note gift tracks that come to mind after visits, shopping sessions or even conversations with the interested person. It’s a way for me to capture shared moments and offer 100% personalized gifts without being caught off guard.

This year, the idea of ​​a gift for this Mother’s Day came to me after a visit to the Garnier opera boutique in Paris.

We had spent the afternoon there, my mother and I, and she spotted a lamp which immediately caught her eye. As a writer, this gift seemed to be made for her.

When offered to offer him a copy of the book lamp, I saw it as a sign. For those who do not know the concept, it is a lamp taking the form of an open wooden book which has the characteristic of opening 360 degrees.

Once the book is closed, it looks exactly like a closed book that can be stored in a library. Convenient to transport, it has an autonomy of 4 to 6 hours and recharges via USB.

If this year you want to offer a gift to your mom who is out of the ordinary, I invite you to discover their site.

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