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Most Applicable SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

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When working with Search Engine Optimization strategies, the ultimate goal is to get traffic. A website needs traffic to have a high ranking in the search engine’s results. However, due to competition, it becomes challenging. Therefore, you need to work hard for your website. According to Sparktoo, 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google search, Google Images, and Google Maps. This statistic tells the importance of a search engine in generating web traffic.

Here are some SEO techniques for you:

You Should Have A Content Strategy

When you’re working on your content, you should refresh older ideas and add new ones to your website. It helps your website since you already know the kind of traffic it generates. So, a consistent editing process will cause a surge in the current views. However, you will reach a point when you have refreshed all your older content. That is when you should begin working on generating fresh ideas. It should have a purpose. You need to know what web users are searching for and how you should create it. A keyword gap analysis can help you there.

This analysis will let you see all popular keywords, which will help you decide how your content should be. Quality content with the right keywords is instrumental in generating traffic. As users don’t just want content, they are also looking for quality.

Collaborate With Others For Backlinks

Finding authoritative backlinks can be a tedious process. Not every website on the internet is worthy of a link. That is because they have weak domain authority, and this reduces your SEO ranking.

You can’t skip out on link-building as it makes your content reliable and makes it valuable. There are many ways to work on your off page SEO  for your convenience. The most popular and relevant way is through collaboration. When you successfully exchange content, the result is an influx of referral traffic.

This traffic occurs when users use links to access your website instead of the search engine. When you get a surge of traffic, you gain visibility, and more people are aware of your website. These are the kind of content you can exchange with others:

  • Infographics
  • Expert Advice
  • Research

It would help if you worked with users who have a high search engine ranking. It ensures that your link will attract traffic and their domain authority is reliable.

Find Out How Well Your Competitors Are Doing

Research is more than finding out what your users want. It also extends towards knowing how well your competitors are performing. When you gain a better understanding of why they’re ranking better, you can use similar methods. Start with their best ranking pages and observe what is bringing an influx of organic traffic. It means, look at their keywords, links, and content.

It is a simple way to find out why your website is lacking substantial traffic. You can use this research on your website and help your traffic surge. When you have a sense of direction, you’ll know how to help your website. You can even use tools to conduct a website audit to see areas of weakness. It is a valuable technique since you’ll be fixing different aspects of your website instead of one.

Test Different Tags

You want your website to have a high Click Through Rate (CTR). It tells you that your website is getting visitors. Generally, users click on a website after reading the title tag and meta description. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re using the best title tag and meta description tag for substantial traffic.

If you want to know how well you’re doing, test them. You can choose to make subtle changes and measure results over a long period to see where you stand. However, a faster method is to use pay-per-click (PPC) to test these tags. Since PPC is quite affordable, you don’t have to worry about the budget. Set up advertisements for a set number of pages to test your titles and descriptions. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Use different title tags for the same description and see which gets a high CTR.
  • Repeat with the description by changing it and using the same title tag.

Once you know what keywords and content attract your users, incorporate them into your website.

Replace Broken Links

Link building is a popular SEO technique. As a content creator, you will get many back-linking opportunities. It would help if you tried finding broken links. Broken links lead to a 404 page, which means an error, and these pages have no ranking. You should conduct a backlink analysis and find out which domains link to this error page.

When you find a high domain authority website with a broken link, you should look into remedying it. You can request the web host to replace the broken links with yours. As a result, you get a steady influx of traffic. Since you’re linking to high domain authority, your ranking will also remain high.

You Should Try Internal Links

As a website owner, you want all of your web pages to have a good ranking. Your website may have web pages that may rank on page 2 of the search engine results. You can help your webpage by providing internal links. On your high-ranking page, create content that naturally invites links. While following your content, users may end up on the other webpage and increase the traffic.

The search engine will index this influx in traffic and rank your web pages higher. Ultimately, all your web pages will have a substantial ranking and will appear on the first page of results.

Optimize For Images

Marketers are busy making sure they have good content and descriptions. As a result, images often get overlooked. It means there is an opportunity for you to get traffic from these images. Users aren’t only searching for content but also for images. To make sure you optimize your pictures, start by tagging your images with an alt tag. However, optimization also includes:

  • File names
  • Resizing The Image
  • Reducing The File Size
  • Creating A Site Map

Wrap Up

There is much competition for a search engine ranking. As a website creator, it is your job to make sure your website has a high ranking. SEO can help you gain visibility. Start by making sure your content is relevant and is not haphazard. Find other bloggers to earn a backlink. Research your competitors and mimic their strategy. Test your tags and observe which ones your users feel an inclination to. Replace all broken links with yours to attach yourself to high domain authority. Try having an internal link strategy and, finally, optimize all images.

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