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Mixing Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil For Hair

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The human body needs nutrients, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. We all have an oil (olive, coconut, and Castor) in our bodies but it is only when we mix them that the benefits of these oils are appreciated. Add essential fatty acids to the mix and you will discover all the new, wonderful nutrients in a form that can be used by the body to help repair cells and rid the body of toxins. Add to this a healthy dose of olive oil, coconut oil, and Castor oil for hair and you have a tasty head of hair that is the envy of many.

What makes coconut oil and olive oil such perfect combinations for hair is that each oil is full of vitamins and minerals that the hair can easily absorb. This makes the hair healthy, shiny, and protected from damage. When combined, coconut oil and olive oil to give hair that is rich and full of nutrition. It is like a little treat for the hair every day. Now imagine how happy and healthy your hair is with this kind of treatment.

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How to get healthy hair? The answer lies in the fact that using these oils will not harm the hair if used consistently. Of course, as a result of the vitamins and minerals that each oil has, the hair is protected from dryness, dandruff and split ends. Plus, it makes the hair stronger by boosting its condition and making it look healthy and vibrant.

Just because you love your hair, that does not mean you cannot use treatments that can help you maintain healthy hair. The benefits of the oils mentioned above do not stop there; they can also help with shine while maintaining the hair’s natural thickness. Some people try to add extra shine products to their hair such as vitamins to the mix. But, this is all a waste of time if you are trying to treat your hair with essential oils.

Adding coconut oil and olive oil to the mix will not only strengthen the hair and add more shine, but it will also help promote hair growth. Coconut oil and olive oil are known to increase the circulation of blood in the scalp which helps in bringing new nutrients to the hair roots. With a strong supply of nutrients, hair follicles are stimulated into producing more hair.

Adding Castor oil to the mix will work as an anti-dandruff treatment that gets rid of oily flakes. It helps in retaining the hair’s natural moisture, keeps the hair clean, and does not require any harsh chemical treatments. So you can really add Castor oil and coconut oil to the mix without fearing that you might add some chemicals to your hair.

If you want to treat your hair to something extra special, adding Castor oil to the mix will enhance the natural look of your hair. What it does is, it enhances the look of your hair. This is what makes it so popular and looks so good. You do not have to deal with using the same products every day, now you can give your hair a treat that will truly make it shine.

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Just think, instead of dealing with breakage, dryness, dandruff and split ends, using these oils along with coconut oil and olive oil will protect your hair from all of these. Now you have a few more reasons to enjoy Castor oil mixed with olive oil for hair

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