September 18, 2021

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Microsoft 365 Governance Made Easy!

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Microsoft 365 governance

Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security all in one. Make your Microsoft 365 governance was with automation which results in frictionless usage and is very handy. Governance, engagement, and adoption of the cloud are the three fragments that the automation includes thus, implementing reliable governance with effective communication and transforming organization synchronously. This results in the smooth functioning of the cloud and in an office space, this makes employee interaction easy.

Here is what features in the automation:

1. Site provisioning – This feature helps in automated provisioning by the use of templates, internal and external workflows, and dynamic work forms using custom metadata columns for SharePoint, yammer, project server, and more revolving around the approval and creation. Site provisioning mainly focus on and impacts both governance and site sprawl. Controlling the expiry, retention, and disposal of teams based on their functioning and activity can be done. Similar teams can also be classified together using hubs. It is deeply programmed to meet the business requirements and smooth functioning.

2. Interactive reporting – Using customization to convert data into uncomplicated reports to gain a proper insight for a smooth functioning of work that is easy to track, improving the governance and adoption overall. Data analysis is made easier by accessing the pre-configured reports. Providing interactive insights of reports and visually representing them makes it efficient. All of the information is safely protected to prevent data leaks and can be easily tracked internally as well as externally.

3. Employee engagement – Microsoft 365 automation makes the workplace easier for you and your employees. Communication via intranet portal makes it manageable for a faster way to gain efficacy hence maximizing the productivity. Employee engagement automation creates a space for cooperation including feedbacks, correction of mistakes, faster interaction, and responding to urgent messages quickly by using personalized chatbots; faster sharing of documents, videos, and photos all in a secured environment.

4. Accurate information- The tag, filter, and search feature help in finding the most accurate data and information. Relevant metadata with an advanced and powerful search provides the information faster. Usage of a filter can narrow down the specificity of the search and provide better data. The feature also allows the user to save their most frequently searched data as hubs or favorites making it handy.

5. Bulk updates and external sharing- Multiple teams can be edited and updated together easing the administrative burden. These updates can include teams of your own choice and even the team members. The teams can be tagged according to preference. Data can be shared externally and can be tracked securely as well. It can be viewed as a single report or as a dashboard by the administrators depending upon the compliance. Through advanced security, the data shared is protected and safe from data leaks.

Do try the automation of the MS 365 governance to ensure an efficient and frictionless mode of administration at the workplace. So, what are you waiting for?

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