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custom cigar boxes

There has always been a liking for tobacco and related items in various forms among people around the world. Most people have a habit of it, and many do it as a way of depicting style and class. Whatever the reason, smoking is a trend that persists since ancient times. Even today, despite all the taxes and restrictions, to prevent this hobby, people have only grown fonder of it. Amidst the pandemic, people have been facing hurdles while buying cigars. They were not going out, hence, they preferred ordering online. A lot of customers judge the cigars on the quality of the packaging. Moreover, to leave a positive impression on your customers, packaging should be memorable. Cigars are one such type of product that contains tobacco as their main ingredient. Let us get into the details of cigars and how to pack them in Custom Cigar Boxes.


Cigars are the purest form of cigarettes that people have been using since very old times. They are an old-fashioned yet classic and tasteful form of cigarettes. Cigars contain tobacco leaves that have gone through drying and fermentation. After that, you roll them into a bundle with the help of a wrapping known as a leaf. There are typically two types of wrapping leaves that you can use to roll the cigar securely. There is the binder leaf that serves the purpose of binding together the leaves of tobacco that we smoke. The wrapper leaf on the other hand is on the outside of the cigar and has the best quality to give the cigar an attractive look.


Cigars are considered specialty items nowadays and are also very expensive. People like to smoke cigars to show their style and sense of luxury in current times. The consumers of cigars are people who prefer taste and quality over quantity of product. That is why the packaging and presentation of cigars are also very important. The making of cigar boxes is a form of art in itself and that is why companies work very hard on it. The packaging box of a cigar is necessary to complete the look of the item. To make the cigar look best the brands require premium-quality packaging. That is the reason why being a wholesale supplier you need to give your best in making wholesale cigar boxes.


One of the most famous materials for packaging cigars is wood. Wood boxes have been used since very old times to pack and present cigars. Back then there were no other better options for the packaging of cigars. Wooden boxes were the best possible option to keep the freshness and the taste of cigars intact. The dry tobacco leaves need protection from moisture and other environmental changes. They can have a change in their texture and quality due to heat or cold. That is why they need good quality packaging. Another modern option for cigar packaging is cardboard boxes. With the advancement in packaging styles and materials cardboard has become a very sustainable option. In addition, metallic boxes are also suitable for making custom cigar boxes wholesale.


The packaging of the cigar boxes gives a remarkable impression. Moreover, use eco-friendly and economical packaging boxes. Cigars are quite expensive, so to give your cigars a rich look. Vibrant and bright cigar boxes give an impeccable look. Enhance the look of your cigars with different add-on options. It also provides your cigars a secure and safe shield.


There are many types of packaging boxes that you can use to pack and store cigars for ultimate safety and freshness. Custom Cigar Boxes can be of many types and vary in the type of packaging material. Here are some of the popular types of cigar packaging boxes that best suit cigars.

Wooden cigar boxes

Wooden boxes have been a very popular option for cigar packaging and many companies specialize in making these wood boxes. The wood of the finest quality is used in making them make them perfect for storing cigars for a long time. Wood from trees like cedar, poplar, elm, and oak is best for making wooden boxes for cigars. They can be of many shapes and styles to suit the choice of the user. They may have a slide top or a hinged top of the box. Wooden boxes are also available as humidor boxes. These boxes have a design that can retain the humidity and airflow in the box. Wooden boxes are very highly suitable for the storage of cigars as they are sustainable and resistant to a lot of external damages.

Cardboard cigar boxes

Cardboard cigar boxes are a very popular packaging option for not just tobacco products but also many other types of retail items. They are a great option for packaging and keeping items safely in stores. They are light and flexible, yet they can sustain a lot of damage to the items inside. Cardboard boxes are very easy to use and come in many kinds of shapes and sizes. You can even tailor the shade and designs of cigar packaging as much as you like. These boxes are much more customizable compared to the wooden boxes in terms of looks.

Printing and design of cigar boxes

The purpose of cigar packaging is to entice customers and tempt them to buy your product. For this reason, you should make your cigar boxes wholesale as much attractive as possible. There are many options for printing on wooden boxes that make the box desirable. The most important factor for wooden boxes is the quality of the wood of the box. Makers consider Spanish cedar as the best wood for packing and storing cigars. For making cardboard boxes there are wider custom printing options. You can even get foiling and lamination of various colors to make the box more appealing.

What purpose does a cigar box serve?

The composition of cigars makes them prone to many environmental conditions. They require storage that is strong enough to sustain them and keep them safe from hampering. Cigars can get humid with external moisture which can spoil their taste and freshness. In addition, cigars can expand in heat and contract in cold. Cigars being a premium product demands appealing packaging with a logo imprinted on the covering.

That is the reason why they need airtight packaging. This will keep them fresh for long periods and they will not deform with time. Wooden cigar boxes are reusable and make for a very attractive and safe storage box for many items. You can keep your items inside them after using the cigars. Cardboard cigar boxes are easy to recycle because of their biodegradable material.

Premium Embellishments Add-ons:

Cigars can be customized with the usage of appealing embellishments. Use different techniques and strategies to promote your product. Moreover, you can choose an add-on option that includes: Lamination of foil on the boxes, coating, and attractive graphical designs. Embellish it with decorative patterns and distinctive styles. Moreover, custom cigar boxes look impressive with matte and aqueous coating. Packaging plays a significant role nowadays. Custom packaging is a top-tier option to endeavor your sales.

Give the required strength and premium look to your cigars. The most significant conclusion, you can make is to pick the right dimension of the box. However, it also depends on the contents of your box. You can also add unique elements. The size of the box can help your cigars for long-lasting shelf life. You can order a personalized size boxes according to the conditions. Use latest and unique printing techniques. Order custom printed packaging at low rates. You can select size, shape, number, and configurations. cigar boxes also protect your product from any harmful damage. Find top-notch quality cigar boxes and modify them the way you want.

Need to consider Custom Cigar Packaging

You can select custom cigar packaging at low rates. Moreover, it is easy to design a personalized box for cigars. You can use brown color for your cigar boxes. You must put your effort to create an alluring packaging box. Tailor famous cigarette packaging according to your needs. Make it a uniqueness that the customer fees contented while receiving the package. If you package your box in a good way, the customers will get a great impression.

Your initial contact with buyers is through the packaging. Cigar boxes can make or break your company. No longer are brown boxes the only way to package. Various custom box manufacturers use small and large cigar boxes. Moreover, make sure that your company needs to work on distinct patterns and layouts. You can also enhance the valuable experience of your audience. Bring a convenient and easy shipping process. Wholesale cigar boxes can be bought in distinctive styles and shades. You can satisfy the buyers with custom cigar packaging at affordable rates.

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