September 18, 2021

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Make a Success of Your Event with a Marquee: Tips and Tricks!

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Marquee: make your event a success

When organizing an event, the question of location is essential. First, we inquire about a room. But the cost and several practical concerns quickly discourage the organizers. This is undoubtedly the reasons why more and more people are opting for the rental of a marquee. “People can receive their friends, colleagues or family at home, Guests feel honored to be able to go directly to their host. In addition, the organizers of the event know the places well. It’s more convenient. Everything is familiar and close at hand. 

The marquee is also a good solution. Indeed, everyone appreciates having a good drink during the party, but it is advisable to remain careful with regard to road safety. The use of a marquee in the garden is practical. Guests who wish can come with small tents and camp in the garden after the party. A friendly and unique moment that allows you to take full advantage of the event and extend it. It is also possible to opt for the rental stretch tent hire Auckland for even more comfort.

Tips and tricks for choosing before renting a marquee

Before opting for a marquee for the organization of your event, here are some useful tips. The first thing to consider is the size of your garden. We have to be realistic. It is also important to know your soil in order to avoid drilling a pipe or an electrical circuit. It is imperative to take into account the size of your trees for the height of the marquee. “You have to be able to properly secure the marquee. It is also important to have access for our cargo.

How to choose your wedding tent rental?

You have decided to celebrate your wedding outdoors, in a beautiful estate, a family house or in your garden with your loved ones, but the weather is often capricious.

To offer maximum comfort to your guests and leave with peace of mind, you have chosen for the wedding tent rental, unlike the wedding venue, the wedding restaurant or wedding castle.

The choice of material

A range of choice of outdoor equipment as well as its support will be offered to you. First of all, and this is an essential point, make sure that the rented equipment is clean and of impeccable quality. A frayed tent or one with holes would be the worst effect. Tents and marquees should be strong, waterproof, light, stylish and if possible without a central pole. Choose suitable equipment and structures, approved by the BVTS (marquee inspection offices) with fire protection (M1-M2), your reception will be a success. Incidents don’t just happen to others.

Tents and marquees

The main objective is the success of your reception that you will give in the open air, you can opt for:

  • a large marquee; several tents: one for the reception, one for dancing, others for the relaxation area.
  • The material will be of an irreproachable aesthetic:
  • Choose a tent or a marquee corresponding to an area adapted to the number of guests For a seated reception, the tables should not be too far from each other to maintain a warm atmosphere. Think about your wedding seating plan .But you also need to leave enough room for the servers and guests to move around freely.

Assembly and installation

It is essential to choose a service provider who rents, delivers, installs and dismantles the material and equipment.

Even though the set-up is easy, avoid getting on your own with a few friends (they came to relax) in setting up the equipment, especially if you have a lot of guests expecting a disaster. Remember, you have a multitude of things to deal with. Devote yourself to other preparations.


Check with the renter of the tent what insurance he has taken out, and what insurance he advises you to take. Also check with your personal home insurance what your liability covers. Insurance extension may be necessary.

Tips for renting a wedding tent

The wedding tent rental offers great flexibility and is very user-friendly, therefore, we advise you to: Rent your equipment for the weekend, your guests will enjoy a lunch the next day, especially for those who come from afar. Provide different spaces using small tents: For babies, young children and why not call on child marriage care? It would be a pleasure for all the parents who could have fun and fully enjoy your party. For the elderly who need peace, quiet and relaxation. Don’t forget the cloakroom either. Will your toilets be in sufficient numbers? It is important to plan for it. Also consider hiring a good wedding caterer to polish your reception.


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