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Chicken accessories: the essentials for the henhouse

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When you start a small poultry farm, arrangements are essential and having certain facilities is a necessity. To facilitate your search, under each accessory cited, you will find a link to the sites concerned. At Talis-us, we buy our equipment Online, the advantage is above all to have choicer and lower prices than in stores, even if sometimes shipping costs are requested. Benefit from the Talis-us experience by choosing the right chicken accessories at the right quality addresses and at the best price.

The list of essential hen accessories for the henhouse

  • The Chicken Coop – First among Hen accessories

Whether wooden or plastic, the henhouse is the first accessory to plan in your small chicken farm. It is both the place that shelters them but also the one that protects them from predators. The size of the hen house should be chosen according to the number of hens accommodated. Depending on your budget you will prefer it in wood or plastic, knowing that the life of the second is almost unlimited, unlike that of wood which only lasts a few years.

The automatic door

This very useful accessory allows you to automatically manage the opening and closing of the henhouse. At Talis-us we installed the ultra-secure best brand automatic door model in 2018 and we are really satisfied with it. It’s great to be able to program the opening time at 6 a.m. in summer. Our hens do not have to wait for our goodwill for the opening in the morning. The Chicken Guard brand is also a benchmark in this type of automated equipment.

The Manger

There are all kinds of feeders available to chicken breeders. It is clear that these accessories are not always well designed by the manufacturers: not stable enough, difficult to clean in the nooks, not aesthetic etc. In the end, it’s not that easy to find the right feeder. At Talis-us after having tried everything, we are now opting for toys with a peck toy that acts as a feeder peck. Fun and fun, they save us seeds because the birds can no longer access them!

The drinking trough

With the drinker, we have a bit of the same problem as with the feeder. That is to say, manufacturers do not always design functional and suitable products. At the very beginning of our chicken farm we fell in love with the small galvanized steel buckets which we had to abandon because of the rust. In plastic, the water tends to turn green quite quickly, especially in summer even if it is changed regularly. We finally opted for simple ceramic dishes. But if you are into plastic or steel drinkers (they have improved since then), then here is a great selection of models. Be sure to read customer reviews of these accessories for objective opinions.

  • Food

A good diet for your chickens is essential for two things: keep them healthy and help them to lay good eggs. An unbalanced diet or nutritional deficiencies are all factors that can create disease and a reduction in laying in the henhouse.

Likewise, it is also important not to neglect the needs of the hens in terms of quantity of food per day. It is also important to choose a varied and attractive food for your hens.

Chicken fillet

The net is also a very useful accessory when raising chickens. Quick and easy to install, it allows you to create or enlarge an enclosure. With the net, the hens never run out of grass and natural resources. With this equipment, we can also set up a rotation of the courses or isolate hens… You will understand its advantages are numerous! At Talis-us we have been using them for several years. They are more resistant and above all higher.

A large or small enclosure

This accessory is in fact a bottomless cage which is also called “moulting” in poultry language. It is very practical in many circumstances: brooding, illness, chicks, arrival of new subjects etc. For us, it is essential in all family hen farms, it is so useful. Often these are originally small enclosures for rabbits, but they are perfect for chickens.

A Small hen house or nest

It is basically an accessory intended for a rabbit but that we use at Talis-us on many occasions: isolate a new arrival, a sick subject, a brooding hen, a hen with chicks, as a nest … This small spare hen house is very useful in a family chicken farm.

Dried insects

Dried insects are an incredible source of protein, calcium and phosphorus. At Talis-us we give it to our hens every day and a little more during certain periods: winter, moulting, brooding etc. It is necessary to give very little of it, it is an economic solution to avoid the deficiencies which cause disease and drop in laying.

Diatomaceous earth

At Talis-us we have been using diatomaceous earth for several years now. It is useful to us in the henhouse to avoid red and mallophagous lice, and for our chickens internally as a dewormer. We buy it by 2 kg or 5 kg, but it exists in a smaller container. If you want to give it internally to your hens, be sure to choose non-calcined food quality.

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