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Looking For A Better Option Than Woocommerce Dokan And CS Cart Development Platforms?

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In a herd where there are options available ready to consume all of your money and do nothing good to you are abundant in number. Few such platforms are WooCommerce Dokan and CS Cart development tools. WooCommerce is itself an extension of WordPress to create a niche eCommerce store. To let a user embed multi-vendor capability in their online store, they need to plug in Dokan. Dokan has very limited features available in its freemium version. That too is not scalable. Being just a plugin, there are many features that may not be offered by Woocommerce itself and need the support of other plugins as well which may be paid as well.


Some of the shortcomings are, thefrequency of updates by the core team is low, It is hard to implement the multi-currency feature, the feature of “Wishlist” is hard to implement in the Woocommerce application, a store owner who may not possess technical knowledge may find it hard to implement by themselves and end up outsourcing the task of building and maintaining the online store to a third-party developer. Needs some knowledge of two platforms: WordPress and WooCommerce, for efficient administration. Moreover, the initial cost or let say the capital cost for a Woocommerce website is not cheap.


Expert knowledge is required when new functionality is required to be added. Specialist E-commerce site builders are needed in order to implement a robust site. Since Woocommerce does not fulfill the eCommerce funnel itself you need to install Dokan extension to implement a multi-vendor marketplace to your store. It doesn’t come with free hosting. So you will need to pay for it separately.


When talking of the CS-Cart the fallbacks are huge in the count. A platform like CS-Cart has very little to offer in the freemium version and most of the online store features which are literally essential to let individuals leverage the eCommerce development platform to earn profits. CS-Cart, in fact, offers the customer support that is not at all for free. They charge some credit points which are solely issued by them and have to be purchased again and again to redeem against even the smallest help from the customer support. Adding on there are annual up-gradation charges for the plugins which have been bought. Means, the plugin doesn’t include lifetime charges including the up-gradation fee.


Availment of CS Cart development services becomes a bottleneck to the application workflow as not everyone is technical enough to get the coding done right and host or embed the addons on their own. Everything offered here is chargeable, the price of the single store under one banned is $385, that more the multiple stores under a single banner are $865, and lastly for multi-vendor solutions, it costs $1450. But, believe it or not, you could have achieved all such capabilities under some other roof.

Create A B2B Or B2C Ecommerce Software With The Best Web Store Builder

Sellacious, the ultimate platform to create free shopping cart software offers more than 5000 eCommerce features, 65 payment methods, support to all international languages, PWA compliant wireframe, Omnichannel model and much more readily available to create a marketplace or your choice, whether it is b2b, b2c, c2c, niche or multi-vendor within just 15 minutes. More than 9 front end templates for use at absolutely no cost. You as a store owner don’t require any technical knowledge to create and use the shopping cart software, all you need to do is download the quickstart package, host it on Sellacious provided hosting for better response time and great handling of web traffic. Advance permissions to the sellers registered in a multi-vendor marketplace could be provided. The sellers could define their own shipping rules, coupons, discounts, and handle taxes. With support for almost every international language and integration API available for payment to use you can go international and earn profits from all across the globe.


There is literally no limit to the number of products that could be uploaded on the storefront. A store owner can also upload high-definition images and other media files like videos, create categories and sub-categories, descriptions to fascinate customers to buy from their store.

Modules provide comprehensive functionality on marketing, SEO, payment, coupon management, and promotion creation, tax and discount rule creation, rating and review for product and vendor by registered and guest buyers, marketplace creation, shipping rules, order management, inventory management, and much more. Lastly, third party APIs could be easily integrated with the Sellacious website. Scale it as much as you want.


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