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Link Building With DoFollow Blog Commenting

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There are lots of lists, and even some directories available that identify blogs with DoFollow commenting. DoFollow commenting essentially implies that the blog owner has removed the nofollow attribute from the comment author’s links, thus making them valuable for link building seo purposes. And obviously, those who are knowledgeable about SEO know that the more backlinks you have, the better your site can do browsing engine results, especially if you have good anchor text for these links.

The simplest way in order to avoid being defined as a spammer is to do a little research on the blog on that you simply are going to comment. Look at articles with comments, and see if you can find comments where the writer uses keywords as their name, or if all the comment authors are using real names. If the site has a comment policy, be sure to take a read through it as well. Some DoFollow sites have an extra bonus of Keyword Luv – this is where you are able to enter Your Name Your Keywords, and they will use everything after the sign whilst the anchor text for the website.

Another way to prevent looking such as for instance a spammer is by taking time and energy to discuss a site. As opposed to posting many comments all at one time on several posts, try only several, then bookmarking your website to go back to later. On an identical note, do not utilize the same blog for multiple websites – most blogging platforms show the IP address of the commentator, so if you post three comments around the same time frame with various author names and links, odds are the blog owner will notice.

So now that you know steer clear of being labeled as a spammer, the next thing you have to do is work out how to ensure your link is on a higher PR page. On some blogs, you can find the bonus if they have a Top Commentator list which shows the names and links of people who have commented the absolute most on their site. If the Top Commentator list links the authors name directly to their website, then simply by regularly commenting, you can have your website linked to their main site, and thus gain the high PR of these homepage.dofollow blog comment backlink

If a niche site does not need a Top Commentator plugin, your next option is to get individual posts with high PR. One way to do that is to register at forums. They have a SEO tool – Internal PageRank Checker – that will go via a domain and check the PR of individual pages within the site. Larger sites can take much longer to load, but this way, you have the ability to see which articles have the greatest PR and begin by commenting on those. The only thing that may hinder this is if the blog includes a cutoff date after which they don’t allow additional comments on articles. So the best method is in the first place the modern articles first.

Whenever you will find a sites with DoFollow comments, high PR articles, Top Commentator lists, etc., be sure to keep them organized so you should use them again. One method to do that is by subscribing to these blogs via Google Reader, and then organizing them specifically categories. In this way, when you really need to create more backlinks, you have your list ready to go and can see if they’ve new articles.

What I’ve listed in this article, researching comment policies, checking the PageRank of individual posts, and organizing aren’t going to be quick and easy. You can always just discuss DoFollow blogs and build numerous backlinks on any post. But one thing to bear in mind is that relative links with high PR could be more valuable than a link from any source. So you will want to work on less quantity and gain more quality in your backlink building?

Blog commenting can be extremely ideal for link building and seo optimization. It really is among the few link building strategies that also work after Google Penguin updates. Commenting on other people’s blogs is a superb way to get exposure online and drive traffic to your website. This technique also can assist you to reach a greater audience and interact with potential customers. Make an effort to actually read the post and submit a useful comment. You should always remember to take care of the blog owner or the author of an article with respect.

Search for blogs which can be related to your niche. Read each blog’s policy before commenting. Touch upon blogs with a good amount of readers and quality content. Choose those that enable DoFollow comment links. Don’t add multiple comment on the same post. Reply to those comments which are already there. Remain on topic and write something which adds value compared to that post. In the event that you leave meaningful comments that provide compelling information, people will go through the link a part of your comment box. In this manner you will get highly targeted traffic and build relevant links to your website.

Blog commenting is not a way for you to promote products or services. Unless you have a good reason to link to an alternative party website, don’t include links in the comment field. Most blogs allow users to include a connect to their websites in a special field, so you don’t have to add links within your comment. Don’t put your keyword in the “Name” section because it might be considered spam. Use your real name when leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Even though you write a good comment, some blog owners and webmasters won’t publish your comment when it is under a company name because this indicates spammy.

Associate a graphic together with your profile. Get an avatar. The image you decide on doesn’t have to be your headshot; it can be what you wish. When people read your comment and connect the branding throughout your avatar, the chances of having a select your URL improves significantly. Keep accurate documentation of each and every blog that you commented on. Leave comments on these blogs regularly. In addition to blog commenting, you need to use a backlink tool to generate quality links to your website. When combined, those two strategies can raise your internet search engine rankings and raise your popularity on the Internet.

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