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September 23, 2021

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LG AC vs. Voltas AC: Which Brand is Right for You?

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LG AC vs. Voltas AC_ Which Brand is Right for You_

If heat and humidity are no strangers to you, owning an air conditioner becomes a must. In a country like India, where the summers can be scorching, a ceiling fan or an air cooler doesn’t quite do the trick. Luckily installing an air conditioner is easy and cost-effective as well, especially if you buy one on EMI.

For instance, when you shop for an AC from any of the 60,000+ partner sellers on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, then you will be able to shop for the best AC model on EMIs starting from as low as Rs.1,599!

While buying anAC on a budget is easy, the complications arise when it comes to choosing the right model. While there are several brands of repute that offer air conditioners, judging by popularity, LG and Voltas are names that have been synonymous with the Indian household for years. Which one of the two is better? Well, that depends on what your family’s requirements are.

Both brands cater to different needs and manufacture several models. While there are several types of air conditioners, let’s narrow it down to two categories, window and split ACs, which are specifically suited for personal use and not for commercial purposes. Take a look at some of the ACs offered by both brands and decide for yourself.

Window ACs

LG Window Air Conditioner 1.5T with Ocean black protection

This LG AC is perfect for homes vulnerable to dust and pollutants. This model comes with a feature known as Ocean Black Protection, which filters out all the impurities in the air leaving you with fresh, non-toxic air.

This LG AC is also guaranteed to last for years thanks to its Gold Fin Condenser, which is anti-corrosive and prevents your AC from getting damaged due to rust. You will enjoy all-round, uniform cooling with this AC, which comes with 4-way air deflection. This and the  other latest models of LG ACs also includes a two-way auto swing complemented by manual vanes, which you can adjust on your own.

Courtesy of this feature, you have wind being thrown in all directions across the room for equal cooling. This LG AC will also save you a lot more money in the long run because it automatically controls the fan to produce optimum results and has a good cooling capacity of 4,850 watts.

Voltas Window AC 1.5T

Clean air, green air – that’s what you should expect from this Voltas AC. It comes with the eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant, which keeps you cool without causing any major harm to the environment. You will have the advantage of a 2 stage filtration process, which not only kills bacteria, but also removes unwanted odour.

This Voltas AC also has a powerful cooling capacity of 5,050 watts. This window AC remains unfazed by the sizzling Indian summer, and it can function optimally even at 50°C. 

Split ACs

LG Inverter Split AC 1.5T

This top-of-the-line LG AC is a huge money-saver thanks largely to its Dual Inverter Compressor. This compressor has a wider rotational frequency compared to other split ACs in the market, and therefore consumes less power.

Like the brand’s window AC, this model also comes with Ocean Black Protection, which keeps dust and pollutants at bay. It has high-grooved copper pipes, which allows the refrigerant to flow more smoothly for faster heat dissipation.

Its copper pipes are also sturdy because of which the AC is able to withstand high pressure. Its Active Energy Control feature limits the amount of energy used, saving up to 57% of energy.

You won’t be left wondering if the AC is running low on refrigerant as the model comes with an automatic low-refrigerant detector. With the push of a single button, this AC is able to achieve coolness levels on par with the Himalayas! No wonder then that this LG AC comes with a high cooling capacity of 5,100 watts.

Voltas Inverter Split AC 1.5T

This Voltas AC is perfect if you like to sleep with the air conditioner on. It comes with the Intelligent Sleep Mode feature, which keeps the temperature consistent at the number you have set all through the night.

A three-stage filtration process gets rid of dust, allergens and odours so that you breathe fresh, clean air in your house. A steady cool compressor keeps the energy usage in check, so that you don’t end up having to pay exorbitant electricity bills, especially in the summer when air conditioners become a necessity.

This is one of the steadier models in case your home is prone to voltage fluctuations. Also, you won’t have to install an additional stabiliser as the air conditioner has a low start-up voltage.

Even in the monsoon, this air conditioner can sense humidity in your home and control it. Like the Voltas window air conditioner, this one also comes with high ambient cooling and can perform consistently even at temperatures as high as 52°C. Its cooling capacity is also very comfortable at 5,200 watts.

Take a good look at the specifications of these latest models and choose the one that you think will meet your requirements and also keep you financially on the front foot. You won’t have to worry about making a dent in your savings to buy any of these LG or Voltas AC.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network offers you customised EMI plans that are tailored to your requirements. All you have to do is check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv and proceed towards making your purchase with a customised EMI financing offer. So, don’t wait any longer. Take the first step to enjoy a cool, refreshing summer with your loved ones!

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