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LED TV Repair Problems And Solutions

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LED TV Repair

How do you define a TV? The simple short description? It is one of the appliances which deals with entertainment. Just look at the previous sentence. Three decades ago, television was the prime source of entertainment. Now, with mobile, laptop, computer and other devices becoming the other sources of videos and images, the importance of television has taken a backseat. Yet, there is rarely an Indian home where you do not have a television. In olden times, there was only one type of television. Cathode Ray variety. Now, you have even the LED/LCD, TV models. Just look at the title. From the next paragraph, we will focus only on common LED TV repair problems and solutions.

What is an LED TV?

Do we first see the full form of the LED? Its entire expansion is Light Emitting Diode. In short, the LED bulbs are present in the model as backlight. The model has an LCD or Liquid Crystal Display screen. It does not use the earlier CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps). It was in 2005, that the Sony company introduced this model to the world.

A. LED TV Becomes Blank

You can find this type of problem in any type of television models. And the reason – problem with the power supply. So, you may have the best electrical components and model in your home. But what is the use, if there is a problem with the electrical power supply? Ensure you protect the appliance from excess electrical energy such as lightning and other sources of power supply.

There may be another reason that the LED TV becomes blank. The malfunctioning of capacitors. If there is a problem, you can see leaks or bulges in the capacitor. Yes, the repair process is simple as you will have to replace the part. But the condition requires a TV expert. Please do not try the DIY method, as you will need to solder the equipment.

B. LED TV Repair Problems – Horizontal Lines

Okay, you faced the problem of horizontal lines. And the problem lies with a part in the television known as set-top box cable. The reason – low signal strength. Did you replace the old television model with a new one? Then you know the reason. The new model may need more input strength. Replace the old set up box with a new HD type. The problem will disappear forever.

C. Common LED TV repair problem – No Sound

Out of the common problems mentioned in this article, this is the topic where you need to do more activities. Let us go to the solution of the problem step by step.

  • You need to first disconnect the power supply (AC) to the LED TV.
  •  Search for the LED power button. Now, hold it for less than 15 seconds.
  •  Get the power supply back again.
  •  Now, you need to give the AC supply back to the TV model.
  • Do not forget to press the button once again. Are the outside speakers working?
  • Then there is a problem with the internal speakers. In fact, the audio IC has got damaged.
  • The audio IC needs a replacement.
  • The situation demands a TV repair expert.

D. Wi-Fi Disconnection

The problem may lie with two parts. Either the router or TV. Check with your mobile. Is the connection possible? Then the problem lies with the router. Try checking if the firmware of the router is in perfect condition. Have you completed the task and you are still facing the problem? Then the router still needs to be reset. Following the procedure to the T will fix the problem.

E. Smart Television Models

 A smart TV is a digital television that can work both by means of a cable connection, internet connection. It is unlike the normal television models. Smart TV can select various information sources such as Ethernet, flash memory cards, Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi. It can also support HDMI, coaxial cable and other types of video-audio connections.

 With Smart TV, you can also access websites such as Vimeo, Hulu, Youtube, Netflix and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. And it is not only with the wired devices you can connect to a Smart TV. The same facility exists even with a wireless mouse, keyboards, tablet PC and even smart mobiles. You can even send texts to the TV or do browsing while relaxing on the bed.

Let us look at the best examples of Smart TV –

  • LG 32LK526BPTA 32 Inch
  • Samsung 32N4300 32 Inch
  • Vu 43BU113 43 Inch
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 43 Inch
  • Panasonic TH-32FS600D 32 Inch
  • Micromax (50 Canvas-3) 50 Inch
  • TCL 55P6US 55 Inch
  • Onida 42FIE 42 Inch
  • Haier LE42U6500A 42 Inch
  • Sony Bravia KLV-32W672E 32 Inch


In this article, we have touched only the four common problems of LED TV. Do you want to get more updates on home appliance repairs? Then our newsletter subscription is free.

There are times, even when doing the DIY method, the LED TV does not get normal. What is the next step you have to take if the model is devoid of warranty? You need to waste time calling up the TV repair professionals you get from referrals. This will cost time and money. The best way, in recent times, is to hire the handyman professional as per the trend.

So, will we give a simple example, to make you understand the situation? You are a working professional in Bangalore. And the LED TV (expensive) in your home is giving technical problems. You try your best to solve by the DIY method, but the result for your efforts – failure. So, your spouse decides to take the final step – hire the best TV technician in Bangalore. She downloads the app of the home care 

companies in Bangalore, which offers doorstep repair services. She goes through the profiles and then places a request for the technician who is into LED TV repairs. The request for repair is scheduled at a convenient time as per the wishes of your wife. The professional comes to your house right on dot and fixes the problem.

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