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September 23, 2021

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4 Steps To Come Up With An App Idea That Makes Money

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App Idea

App developers are going crazy to know the perfect idea of creating an app that works wonders.

Since apps are earning a huge business today, and if you get successful in creating one, then your app might get as popular as Instagram today. You never know until you try.

If you want your app to be successful, firstly you don’t need to think in terms of money before making it.

You need to think of an idea.

And the idea that is beneficial to your audience and gleans real-time results.

If you don’t know how to start with an excellent idea, then this blog is for you.

Let’s Start:

Find the Why

The most successful app in the world started with ‘Why.’ Take the example of the ride-hailing app Uber. It was created when the founder was waiting for a cab in Paris and didn’t find one, so he thought of starting one that leverages technology. And now, only on a click, you can order a cab to anywhere you want.

Identify similar problems like these where you can address one specific issue and work on the solution. Take another example of Skype, which has made communication easier through audio and video calling feature.

The point is to think the WHY, don’t get discouraged if there already exist the identical apps. Try to solve the same problem in a different manner. Maybe your idea can beat the previous one.

Search the App Store

Once you find your why, search the apps that match with your idea. Deeply study them and analyze how they are solving the problem, what tactics are they using, and how they are promoting it.

If you want to do something in the fitness category or physical activity like running or playing, try searching the top running apps on Android and see the features they are using to engage the users.

There’s also a section of ‘Top Charts’ on Play Store. If you search there, you’ll see the top selling and the most popular apps on Android. Deeply research them, tune it with your idea and think to make yours unique.

Identify the Market

I won’t suggest you to limit your research to App store only but also try Amazon, GetJar and other stores on the list. They will also ignite your thoughts with amazing ideas.

The next best thing is to step out of your home, join some like-minded people conversation, attend meetups, engage with startups, and discover their ideas. Once you have the pool of information in front of you, you’ll start getting ideas for your app. Even if you don’t get the idea, you’ll feel motivated to start your app.

Keep an eye on what’s going in the market. There are certain apps which people always keep with them as they are part of their routine lives. For example, you’ll see more and more people downloading fitness app as they are tired of sitting for 8 to 9 hours in the office and look for home-based tutorials to start the exercise. Health-related apps are becoming a norm, people are using it to achieve their fitness goals. Other than fitness, you’d see a handful of shopping and food ordering apps that are making people lives easier.

Reach out to your Customers

When you find your niche, and identify the market needs, know who the potential users are. Reach out to them on different forums like Quora, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, share your idea with them, collate their feedback, and see how they are grading your idea. Get ready to have some negative reviews about your plan but don’t be disappointed as they are important to make the app better.

After this, you will get a clear picture of your idea. Start building your product and no matter how much time it takes, stay affirmative on your goal.

An idea which you pursue after proper research hasfewer chances of failure than the one you choose randomly. So instead of starting your app without research, follow the above tips and see the results.

Do you have an app idea? Let’s share in the comments section below and see what people think of it.  

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