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Learn How I Improved My WiFi Network With NetgearOrbion The Same Day 685+

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Since the pandemic started, we all have been working from home but there are certain challenges in doing work from home. I would like to take my experiences here, there are days when my WiFi connection is not exactly ideal and it makes really difficult for me to do video calls on zoom, sometimes Network error happens while downloading important documents, or just really slow speed internet speed.

Likewise, we all can relate to how a slow internet can reduce our work productivity. Which is why I recently changed my Old router with a New NetgearOrbi RBK50 and it has indeed improved the signal quality and bandwidth reach throughout my house significantly. For my home network, NetgearOrbi has proved to be the right choice because now I get top speed internet with consistency so, I can work without having Network trouble.

This article is about a few tips which worked for me to improve my home WiFi signal using NetgearOrbi. I hope these tips will also prove useful to help improve your Wi-fi signal strength and speed so your work from home experience is better.


  1. Router Location

Router is ideally located at the central area of your home for maximum reach. But if you are working from home then it would be better to move the Router to another Location where the signal strength is the strongest. So, first identify which area has the best open space and minimum interruptions which can interfere with your router’s signals. This could be your room, living room, or even hall of the house. Make sure to place it on a higher place away from any other electric devices like microwave etc. so there’s less interference with your wi-fi signal. This will help with a better signal strength in your work space at home.


  1. Utilize Quality of Service feature

Quality of service a.k.a. QoS allows you to direct traffic to a particular device(s) for priority utilization. This means you can allocate bandwidth across different devices. For example, you can allocate more bandwidth to prioritize data allocation for a video conference on zoom rather than streaming or gaming service. This way your work will not have to suffer too much when your kids are playing online games or streaming something.


  1. Update Router Firmware

If you regularly face issues in performing the setupthen it is best to go to the Orbi manufacturer’s website and download the latest firmware update for your router. Login using and make sure to update the Router firmware if you haven’t done it for some time. On the other hand, if your router is older than perhaps it is time for you to switch it up with a latest technology model. Like I did and got a new NetgearOrbiRBK50 which helped a lot in my case.

With latest technology Orbi router you can tremendously improve your Wi-fi signal quality so you can choose to switch to a WiFi 6 compatible model, the most recent WiFi standard.

And, If you don’t know how to Update your Router Firmware read here.


  1. Get a Netgear Extender

Another great option to extend your Orbi Network range is to utilize a Netgear Nighthawk WiFi Extender. A wifi extender will make sure that you have sufficient data signal reach throughout the house so you can work without getting interrupted when switching places. A Netgear Range extender costs way less than getting a separate router for work altogether. You can easily get rid of any network dead spots that you may have in your home if you use a Netgear range extender with your Orbi device.


  1. Direct connection

If you have an ethernet cable you can use it to link your NetgearOrbi Router directly with your PC or Laptop. It will establish a direct uninterrupted connection between your router and your device which will consistently provide the most solid and splendid network speed. This way you can enjoy high speed internet while being hardwired to your router.

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