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Keeping Business Accounts and Accounting Software for your Business

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You need to know where you are with your business.  The only way to do this is to have up to date accounts that actually provide the right information in a timely way so that you can make sound business decisions based on facts. In a startup business you may be able to keep manual accounts but this is far more difficult nowadays with the introduction of GST as you need to be accurate with GST and lodge BAS statements on time. 

The electronic software packages offer a definite time saving over manual accounts and they produce useful accounting reports. EzyBooks (Bookkeeping accounting software) has a unique system for all type of business owners.  It takes our clients around 1 hour per month to complete and everything is taken care of.

We then have the accounts and accounting reports configured to be able to extract the maximum information for you’re to run your business efficiently and profitably as well as knowing exactly where you make your profits.

Accounting Software

Having the transactional information input into your accounting system, whether it be MYOB, EzyBooks, Cashflow Manager, Saasu or Zero is only the beginning ….not the end. So, whether you are about to start a business or purchase a business or are operating a business… on……..this information will demonstrate how we can turn your business around and make it much more profitable, whilst you put the same effort into it.

You will not believe how powerful knowledge of your business venture could be…….knowledge definitely is power. !!!!!


The EzyBooks accounting software packages require a level of bookkeeping knowledge that most business owners do not have.  They really misrepresent the facts when they say anybody can keep their own accounts. You must therefore have a bookkeeper that knows what they are doing. We have seen some “”shockers”” that were no help to the business at all. Input of data must be timely and accurate. Must be prepared to liaise and take instructions from an Accountant.


Accounts must be set up so that you can see what is happening in your business. Various business performance reports must be set up by your Accountant (if they are not doing it …you need a new Accountant….fast!!!!)Reports generated from software should be able to identify what is happening in relation to turnover, profits, accounting ratios that provide a window into the health of your business.

Choosing a small business accounting software package is easy – just buy EzyBooks (5.99 pound per month).  Sure, there are plenty of other options, including AccountEdge (Acclivity) and Peachtree (Sage), but it makes more sense to go with the one that: your employees are likely to know how to use. Your accountant is using is versatile, relatively easy to learn, and is the model for much of what is taught on this site. EzyBooks Simple Start for a half of what other accounting software costs.

The nice thing about Simple Start is that you can easily upgrade to EzyBooks Bookkeeping accounting software if you want to do so later. For the rest of you, or those who want to be positioned for growth and expansion, EzyBooks is the way to go.  Besides being able to handle your accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, reporting, bank-reconciliation, it’s got a very useful help feature, and is easily customizable.   There’s an increasing amount of online accounting programs available, and EzyBooks is one of them.  One major advantage to this is that you can manage your business anywhere you have a computer and internet access. 

Unlike desktop software, online services store your data on their secure computers, and access it much the way you would view any website.

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