September 18, 2021

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Keep these 4 things in mind before your big proposal

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wholesale custom jewelry boxes

It is indeed an exhilarating and emotional moment proposing to your significant other to spend your lives together. As exciting it is, it can still be stressful. Keeping a check on the arrangements and finding the perfect time can be a tricky thing. Also, it is a big step that you’re taking. You should try to keep the stress and worries away for it to go through smoothly. You are currently on the verge of your new life, and that’s enough reason to only hope for the best.

Planning a proposal can be difficult if you don’t take up the necessary steps. It requires following up with your partner’s preferences and ensuring that they would actually enjoy that moment. From choosing the perfect ring to selecting the best moment, you would have to decide everything. However, we’re here to help you. Your search should begin with the ring. Buying from a reputed diamond ring dealer should be your first step. After that, everything else can go smoothly. However, you would still need to devote some time to think about the proposal. Let’s look over through some things in mind that would help you plan a perfect proposal:

Prioritize what your partner likes

You should be aware of whether your significant other would like a big proposal or an intimate one. It would help decide if it should be a full-blown romantic gesture in front of people or just a simple getting on your knees. You should keep their preferences in mind rather than doing only what you want. A better solution is to find some middle ground. You can make a big gesture if that’s your style but ensure that it is done privately if your partner is a private person. You can fulfill both your wishes at the same time.

Finding the correct time

We cannot tell you about the perfect point where they would say yes. However, you should know this by now if you’re ready to propose. Ensure that they are at a point in life where this is something they would want. Also, the right moment shouldn’t be according to your own mood but theirs. It can be simply after your regular dinner or during a big trip that you plan. However, you should see that they are in a good and happy mood before you pop the question.

The right ring

Buying the perfect and alluring ring can sometimes get tricky. It should start by determining what you can afford. Rings can get costly if you don’t have a figure in mind. Select a budget and buy an engagement ring within that limit. You can also ask for the help of your partner’s friends or family if you’re not sure about the design.

Another aspect is to make sure that the ring fits. You cannot have them squeezing in their finger during that moment. A better choice is to get any of their old rings and buy that size.

Ask yourself if it’s the right step.

You should firstly be sure that it is the right step for you and your relationship. Proposing too soon may not be a wise choice if you’re not sure. Also, delaying it might send out some red flags to your partner. However, apart from the timeline, ask yourself this question. Ensure that you are ready to get married and spend your life with that person. You can only plan that perfect and exciting moment if you’re sure about it yourself. Otherwise, it may reflect later on that you aren’t set on this proposal yourself.


Keep these points in mind and follow up with them when you start thinking about proposing to your partner.

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