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Join The Best Online Corporate Connecting Platform In Mumbai

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Corporate Connecting Platform

We offer the best corporate connection platform for corporate and investor or maximize your capital outreach. the best place to getting the information for domestic mutual funds, insurance information, investment and more.  join our platform to you can buy side, sell side and the best platform to reach investor. we offer the dashboard so you can communicate easier and digitally.

used for best standard and data analytics tools as well as the professional support for this one destination. that help to make an investor relations planning, organizing the event, financial strategy representation services.

for search companies, find the targeting investor, buyer information corporate companies this platform is helpful to us.

For some basic portfolio to we include us:

Market Outreach:

increase your capital market outreach or collect extensive various information such as investment fund information, buyer and seller information. connect with an investor, buy side and sell side under best place. you can be used or join anywhere and anytime either web platform or mobile app.

Get Ownership Analytics:

we to provide company information using some factsheet, press release and other resources and analyze the institutions and fund profile, corporate access information, know investment pattern or strategy. access 1,40,000 people information integrated with the ownership reports. for research and analysis purpose or customize your profile.

Targeting Investors:

we give some different techniques to identify the qualitative and quantitative research information for the investor. the track the investor behavior and maximize their outreach. we define some algorithm to suggest the investor for your industries.

Order your Documents:

get a creative idea to prepare the documentation. create a corporate website with interacting design services. the company real-time updates or any startup information received.

Manage Conference Calls

we deliver the financial or operational updates and quarterly updates information to our platform. get transcripts for the conference call. easier to know the recent updates using this platform. you can track or get annual information about the companies.

Enhance Your Communication

Get a general judgment of critical data between your company and business benchmarks. The analysis includes detailed scoring and ranking of disclosures to identify gaps. It also gives suggestions for best business practices and ways to enhance revelations.

Upcoming Events Information

Create events in few steps and screen invitations to platform users as well as visitors. Manage event time, list of attendees, inquiries and more for each event. Also, get figures of the events for a better perceptive of your efforts.

Access Meeting

Accessing the corporate event, we schedule the one to one meetings at professional room hubs using modern services. we are arranging or adding more hubs in the corporate areas in across India.

Access Event Webcasting

the access out live stream all events such as IPO analyst meets, investor day, analysis day, reach the remote visitors. the live company event as well as the record or replay events. the webcasting is the way to visualize the graphical dashboard.


the Access regular sessions on Investor Relations, Investor Education, Corporate Governance and more webinars. you can conduct and attend the educational or informational webinar using our services.

Conduct Perception Study

Recognize how a company’s approach, business model and implementation are perceived by Buy-Side and Sell-Side. Create a survey and send to respondents for their feedback without losing discretion. Gain insightful factors influencing investment decisions and unlock new opportunities. Collect qualitative and quantitative data analysis report.

Conduct Peer Analysis

using our platform to get the conduct a peer analysis or study the company information or competitive analysis on the basis of stock performance, market capitalization, PE and more. In the perspective of financial markets, a peer group refers to companies that are competitors in the same business sector and are of a parallel size.


we provide brief information to find and targeting an investor for your companies. and see the list of historical data or track investor behaviors.

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