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Is AI The Future of Education?

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artificial intelligence

“Education is a place where artificial intelligence has roots!”

The kids were trained in an impeccable manner that they became the real intelligence to innovate artificial intelligence.

Remember that day, when kids use to enjoy outdoor games like cricket, football etc. and were unaware of the world of technology. But today is different! Today is the era of technology, so we need to put everything on digital and technical platform. The business and other stuff are already digitized but does it require digitizing the education by help of artificial intelligence? Is the main concern of today! So let’s explore pros and cons of artificial intelligence if we use it in education.

The era of AI generation

Imagine getting a generation into pre-school who is on YouTube already! Yeah, it is today’s generation. Every kid is equipped with gadgets that educate him in digital manner. Either in form of cartoons, videos, audios, rhymes, poems etc. so what will they have in future? They would have artificial intelligence as future.

Why is this prediction?

According to professional essay service:

“We get huge demand of research on topic of artificial intelligence and as we explore the market we get to know that it’s what future waits”

·         Brand awareness:

How do people create brand awareness for their products? By showing them in entertainment stuffand promoting them through social media platforms. Same goes with artificial intelligence trends. People are being aware of this trend through movies, fictions, gaming and technological literature.

How AI is revolutionizing the education system:

There are number of apps and software that aid into artificial intelligence in education as in; there are five main domain in which artificial intelligence is winning over the world.

1.      Smart Content:

In today’s era when every kid is using gadget so why doesn’t challenge them with something informative and challenging? Making education fun is the main motive of smart content. There are apps which come under its domain are:

·         Netex Learning:

Allow to create Digital Learning curriculum using digital forms of education like videos and audios. The content is shared across the domain to various users, which is time saving and quick manner of spreading education. The use of this software is that it has allowed a quick access to education and made it easy to tackle education.

·         Content Technologies, Inc.

Break down complex text into pointers as smart guide for people. These people have expertise in making education easy and interesting. The students can access to pool of knowledge and get expertized help and information.

Usage of Smart Content: It actually facilitates in making education fun by summarizing the complex content into easy and manageable content.Time efficient methodology to learn different things.

2.      AI Tutoring System:

It is the personalized way to teach the old education and new researches through new means. There are two major tools for in this context:

·         Mastery Learning:

Curriculum designed specifically for kids to get personalized learning experience with quick feedbacks. It’s a way to develop one to one experience of tutoring. That will give students confident in real life and support of personalized dealing.

·         Mika

Students sometimes do not have time to go to tutors or are bored of going from school to tutors. So for them their personalized style of Artificial intelligence tool is innovated so they can have their own kind of learning experience. The students will get real time guidance exclusively for them. This app is guided according to each student learning experience and capabilities. As in if a student command for write my essay online at cheapthe app will guide him ways to do that on word online document.

Usage of AI Tutoring Who will not like the experience of customization and given importance.The quick feedback from system regarding any problem.

3.      Visual Learning Environment:

The experience which can be lived is the main goal of this environment. A virtual twin (artificial intelligence) that will behave, think and interact like humans. People actually like this technology as it motivate them to buy essays on this information.

People are witnessing lots of stuff digitized and converted to artificial intelligence like 3D gaming and knowledge platforms. Computer animation that is smart enough to teach people new knowledge in interesting way.

Usage of Virtual Learning Environment The experience of complex context converted into visual learning experience to make the learning more focused and entertaining.  

4.      ThinksterMaths:

The app designed to cater student mental strength regarding the mathematical problem. the main aim of this app is to train and educate. The students are trained to solve tricky problems and evaluated the mental strength as per the answer given by them. Benefit of this is the students get knowledge about their mental capabilities as in where do they stand according to level.

Usage of ThinksterMaths App to be explored by students to get a grip on mathematical concepts.The purpose is to boost confidence of self-learning in them.

5.      Brainly:

It is a social media platform to deal with the issues of students giving by them logical answers. Got a problem which you are unable to solve? Put it on brainly! You will find someone answering them soon by fellow members of brainly or by an expert. This platform has boosted people to be dependent on technology a lot as brainly create personalized classroom environment to give a chalkboard kind of touch to the webpage.

Usage of Brainly The main usage of brainly is to promote social interaction and motivate helping others phenomenon.

Response of Alpha Generation:

Now is the tech savvy era which has put everyone on internet and technology, either they are parents, teachers, student and even grandparents. So this means artificial intelligence is making its base line to be welcomes in the society, and to enter with the path of education is the great way to encourage a new generation to engage with AI. the alpha generation is being prepared to accept the biggest change of technology the Artificial Intelligence!

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