September 18, 2021

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Interior Decor Ideas: 4 Types of Ventilation

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Before we come to know types of ventilation, we need to know what ventilation is. In terms of a building, ventilation acts like the lungs of the building. It is a process where outdoor air is moved into the building or a room and is distribute all over. This fresh air will dilute the inside polluted air and will also be replaced by contaminated air. In short, the main purpose of ventilation is to prepare healthy air for breathing by the people in that place. Here are four types of ventilation that definitely influence your interior decor ideas.

1. Natural ventilation –

Natural or the traditional way of ventilation depends on the forces of nature such as the wind as well as the thermal buoyancy to drive outdoor air throughout the various openings in the building. There are three factors that play roles in terms of natural ventilation at work. These factors tend to be building design, human behaviour and climate.

2. Buoyancy driven ventilation –

Also known as stack ventilation, this type of ventilation can manipulate the inside temperature. The temperature between the inside as well as outside of the home has different densities. It is a known fact that differences in temperature can result in different densities.

Interior decor ideas involve openings in a building that are near the roof as well as the floor. In case the indoor air has a higher temperature in comparison to the outside air, the indoor air which is warmer, rises and then exits from higher openings. The colder outside air enters the building through the lower opening. Thus, we have ventilated air.

3. Wind driven –

Ventilators that are wind driven are so much more straightforward. It is also knows as a unilateral or cross ventilation. Ventilation such as these is based on the wind’s manner and how it interacts with the chimneys, windows as well as other openings of the building.

In terms of interior decor ideas for this type of ventilation, people often have misconceptions. They often imagine that opening windows would solve the problem of ventilations. Even if Lady Luck favours you with the right wind speed outside, air conditioning can dramatically increase energy costs.

4. Mechanical ventilation –

Mechanical fans are behind mechanical ventilation. Fans can be installed in windows or walls directly or in air ducts to supply air to and from the room.

Different types of ventilation have different principles of work. To demonstrate it’s principle, it tends to change the air flow and then the person’ perception of comfort will change no matter whatever the central temperature is. For interior decor ideas and canvas art decoration prints , check out on professional websites selling canvas and flower canvas prints.

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