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Interesting facts to know about Granite and Granite worktops Hertfordshire

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Granite is not something manufactured in factories and cuts into kitchen worktops. Granite used in making granite worktops Hertfordshire comes from mother nature’s lap as a rock. It is dug from under the surface of Earth. This rock is formed when magma is cooled into a hard solid. This material is not brittle and thus is used in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. 

The oldest and the hardest:

It is known about granite that it falls in the category of the oldest rocks ever found on Earth is approximately 300 million years old. Because of its coarse nature, it is used in worktops and it remains intact from damage for years. On the universal scale of measuring hardness, granite falls on number 8, 10 being the hardest of them all. This adds to its durability and value for the money the customers pay for this material to be used in their kitchens and bathrooms. 

Granite is not the décor of modern households. It has been used in structures as old as time. From the Egyptian era to being part of the statue of Liberty, granite has always been the choice of all constructionists. Today, it is found in Brazil, the USA, China, and many other places.


The granite used in worktops has fissures in it which are commonly mistaken as lines or cracks in the material. If observed keenly, these fissures actually enhance the beauty of this material and make it look more natural. 

Crack and heat resistance:

Because of it being the hardest, unlike quartz, granite is not damaged by sharp objects such as knives. It is scratch-free. Cleaning or scarping with a sharp object cannot cause lines or scratches of the granite worktops but on the contrary, it can break the knives and can damage them. So, using cutting boars is not for the safety of granite worktops Hertfordshire but for the safety of customer’s cutlery.

Unlike quartz, another advantage that comes with granite worktops is that they can bear heat even when coming in direct contact with a hot surface. A hot pan, pot, or any other utensil if set directly on granite will cause no damage to it at all. 

Colors and styles:

It is commonly thought about granite that there will not be many options when it comes to color. Usually, though options are black or grey interestingly, granite comes in other colors such as pink, shades of blue and green, and beige also. 

The style may also vary according to the demand of customers. The granite worktops can be speckled, lined, or in a veiny texture. 

Granite worktops Hertfordshire do not need too much care. They are easily cleaned and can be maintained. Using cleansers will not damage it and thus they can be cleaned with them. However, they need to be sealed once yearly and the cleaners which one uses should be granite friendly. So, they will pass years without getting damaged or in utter need of changing them. 

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