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The Inside Out About OXO Scooter

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inokim oxo

OXO is the next version of the popular Inokim Ox Super. When we talk about OXO we can’t stop praising the exquisite body, high pace, good performance, and stable suspension. Inoki oxo scooter is equipped with two engines (800W) making the scooter powerful enough to meet difficult terrains on a wide range of mountains and has good control on intense landscapes. It has an overall 32 kg weight and
The wide size of tires (10×2.5″) not only makes it more appealing but also offers greater functionality. Not only this, the OXO folds without trouble and becomes portable. Its amazing aluminum body demonstrates its sturdiness in the auto assembling industry.
It has a huge battery that has a high range that is similar to Ox Super. Having two motors, this scooter has greater power which is unstoppable.

All about Inokim

The company has made its place as a successful e-scooter manufacturing company commenced in 2009. The face of the company Nimrod Sapir is perhaps the most known in the business industry with regards to designing scooters. His designs have earned several awards.
Inokim generally overhauls its bike models continually. If you have seen Inokim super, Inokim OXO is its latest version which is practically similar to the previous version but luxurious. Even though it’s not their highest costly one. Emphasis on quality couldn’t possibly be more significant here.

Assembling parts

Once you receive the Inokim OXO package in a huge box with many of cushioning as well as bubble wrap, the following is what you would get inside the box:
Main scooter body with engine
Charging cables
Allen multikey
Elastic band for a folding function
Detailed manual
The connection of the handle with the stem is given through the cable. However, you should introduce it yourself. With the help of the multikey install the setup and tighten it. Fix the mudguard with the help of a 4mm hex key from multikey. In this latest model, the folding and unfolding of the scooter are not that easy which in turn saves you from misfires.

How to unfold?

1. Push down handle to unlock.
2. Pull up the handlebar
3. Fix the switch on the front by pressure agent
4. Adjust the elastic band for a more secure lock
5. Repeat similar step from point 4 to 1 to fold it

The collapsing instrument itself is movable, something seldom finds in bikes. You can fix or loosen it according to the requirement. Charge your bike completely before riding it. Fully Charge the scooter by putting a switch in the electrical plug. Don’t overcharge as it will harm the battery.


This is an extremely incredible as well as a powerful electric scooter UK. General standards apply, you should always keep safety as a priority. Wearing safety gear including safety gear as well as a helmet. The Inokim OXO has a powerful engine therefore you need to consider extra care. It isn’t troublesome, but rather you would require a couple of moments to get its hang and figure out how to fully control the bike.

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