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Improve Your Web Design Skills

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Improve Your Web Design Skills

Web design is currently an essential aspect in the world of technology and design. It does help the various websites be it small or large, to attract the target customers, which eventually leads to excellent lead generation. However, there are several times when such heavy designs lead to slowing or reloading the pages, which leads to minimizing the users of the website who might otherwise visit the website. As ‘Prevention is better than Cure.

Hence, here are the top 8 ways to improve your web design skills:

Hand Written Rough Draft

Get into the habit of making handwritten rough drafts, and your life will be more comfortable. It has always been essential to making a rough draft using a pen and paper or on a whiteboard as the ideas flow in, and it becomes easy to gather the pool of ideas in one place. There is a common notion as per many types of research that the hand flows more than any of the keyboard or mouse in the world.

This will eventually help in effective planning and improve the user to what are the changes required in the website and how to achieve those changes.

Usage of Proper Indentation

Keeping an adequate indentation is significant while making the website. The essential requirement of a site is that it needs to look clean and recognized and shown that it is appropriately set. Hence, indentation helps to make the website look creative and attractive at the same time and contributes a vital role in the designing aspect of the site. If the indentation of the website is not done correctly, then no visitor would like to visit such a website.

Usage of Proper Fonts and Colors According to the Website Type

For the websites, few things hold the utmost importance, such as font, size, color, etc. However, all of these factors are variable and depend on the type of website the website designer is trying to create. For instance, if it is a shopping website then it will need much bigger fonts and less of content, the words should scream out from within like ‘DISCOUNT’ or ‘SALE.’

Connection Through Social Media

For any business, it is essential to have active social media connections, which help in keeping the website properly engaged and eventually leads to attracting several viewers to their platform and converting the general viewers to potential buyers in no time. This can act as a very effective promotion technique that can be adopted universally by all the websites.

In the current scenario, we are very used to the websites. Hence we get to know where to find what. If the website undergoes an essential change also, that does not create much of a problem to the overall layout of the design. Hence, social media icons are significant to be placed right at the bottom so that the content, which is the priority, should be viewed properly and shouldn’t be missed at all.

Avoid Using Animations

Generally, viewers today are very restless and don’t spend more than 3-4 seconds on a single web page until they find something very unique and exciting. Hence, none of the users would like to stare for an animation for a very long time. Animations are an old trend and have become old-fashioned. The front page, which is known as the home page, should be beautiful that it retains in the minds of the people. The visitor should be able to maintain the information which is posted on the front page and eventually explore the website.

Tabs and Buttons Should Be Simple

User has become the king of the online market, which has led him to become very lazy and pampered. Under no circumstance does he want to put in extra efforts for anything when he knew he would get everything on the platter. The user should find it very easy to explore the website. The website should be built simply without much complication. Right from the home page to the support page and then moving on to the gallery, everything should be clean and sorted so that it becomes easy for the customer to remember each and everything.

This not only makes the website look functional and classy but also helps the user to dive into the site even more deeply, which eventually leads to him spending more time on the website.

Remove the Clutter

There is a common saying, to be successful in whatever do ‘Remove the clutter.’ Hence, the same rule even applies to websites. Get in the habit of removing all the unnecessary items which are laid on the site, which eventually clutter everything. The web designer should make sure to place everything in order on the website. The essential things, such as the name of the site, should be very prominently visible, and there shall be no images which are blurred as this can have a very negative impression on the visitors.

There used to be an old practice of the websites to include the side columns which used to contain material such as quick links, go to pages, quick access, or different content for the site. While there are still some of the top websites which do consider even as an active practice, however, to be honest, this is a flawed practice and should be stopped immediately.

Avoid Any Case of Plagiarised Graphic Content

Imagine, you are using a wallpaper which is very popular as a background on your website. This could be the same image that you get on your WhatsApp groups as ‘Good Morning’ images. Viewers generally tend to get more attracted to a picture if it is taken by you and is your original content rather than a copied content that is edited multiple numbers of times.

Web designers have a wrong notion of thinking that an appropriate image can only catch attention. However, this is the biggest flaw that needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

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I’m currently working as Content Manager with WebWorld Experts India. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have the keen interest in PHP Developer India, Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Application Development technology, etc.

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